Comodo Internet Security Website Re designed!

Take a look. :slight_smile: Small issue though, No hyper links for Release Notes:


Its got a nice look to it, very impressive. :slight_smile:

               I was very conscious why is it entitled Comodo Internet Security Wbsite?

Indianapolis Web Design


lol, I already saw it before while translating it ;D


Ummm … 'cause that’s the product they’re pushing.

Sweet :-TU Much better than the previous one :slight_smile:

Nice. Will it be inline with the new GUI?

I’m liking the “Protection Selector”. Nice!!!


Very nice. very clean looking.

Very Nice, why don’t you put a link to the Comodo Virus Database page?

Your website is simply amazing. I really enjoyed the video tour :slight_smile: Good work Comodo :comodo110:

My compliment goes to the webdesigner. :-TU

Peace. :a0

next… Fixing the GUI!

The page looks lot more professional now! GJ whoever did it (I like the slider hehe)! =)

Very nice design. :-TU

the new web page is very nice good work from the comodo team

welldone to the web design team indeed! good work guys!


I like it much more than the past one. :-TU

Nice open and clean look. It reminds me of the website which has a similar open and clean look. :-TU

:-TU beautiful look nice improvement, keep it going :a0 best of luck