Comodo Internet Security v11.0.0.6802

Being a little impatient, I downloaded the offline 6802 installer and ran it over the 6778 I had on a Win10 latest system. It installed showing as an Upgrade, but it actually uninstalled the previous version. Rebooted and ran it again and all went well. No initial scan or AV database was needed, so obviously the previous main settings and content were preserved

After one quick update (presumably for the Recognizers), a reboot and import of my Config, everything’s been running well for a few days now. It’s stable and quick and there appear to be a couple of improvements that allow for Trusted File checking, with faster modifying and rebuilding of the Trusted Vendor lists

Obviously it doesn’t have the major changes of the 12 version, but so far, it looks good for an 11 update

Same here[at]impatient. Did a clean install just this morning and so far so good.

Just a tad disappointed that an official release available to the world, is not announced anywhere, not even on the forums were loyal users keep active.

It was the same with the last upgrade of CCAV . . . maybe a different plan for anything other than major RC or Beta!

Hi, sorry for delay,
CIS v11.0.0.6802 announcement is here


Locked for the obvious reason. Please continue the conversation in the official release topic.