Comodo Internet Security v11.0.0.6710 – Released

Hi All,

We are pleased to announce release of Comodo Internet Security v

Here are the details:

Online Setup Details:
Comodo Internet Security Premium
Size: 5.4M ( 5572872 )
MD5: 39fe13700f4b6a2aee9292ae94cbf928
SHA1: f39454704f3a319104a22a159f7c5464f693489f

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 5.4M ( 5572872 )
MD5: e2b24dff9f204316e6734e43ceba858d
SHA1: f0bedcedb720cab240a5d16b76d17723b5bdc47e

Comodo Firewall
Size: 5.4M ( 5572872 )
MD5: 7d7a16360905540756c50091ef7f3501
SHA1: b448dc893967efbc02c58e37c62dd049448dde54

Offline Setup Details:
Comodo Internet Security Premium (Firewall and Antivirus only)
Size: 70M ( 73221720 )
MD5: 05b64c75ce3304be0d6fbb2fc74ee329
SHA1: 5be491c38747077998e9539e4bb1fde3103d2f56

− Can’t complete CSS installation from CIS
− HIPS ignores Unrecognized file rating
− All files from file list have ‘Unrecognized rating’ if date was changed
− CisTray.exe crashes with installed Comodo Firewall stand alone

Please give it a try and share your valuable feedback.


In the final, my problem is solved. :-TU

Clean install: No problems (none with the RC either)

Virtual Desktop, KillSwitch & Secure Shopping all fine

(Win10 Pro x64 1803 Build 17134.320)

Great to hear :-TU

Thanks Ploget.

Early was happy, after the next reboot, the problem returned. :-\

The widget and the tray icon do not appear right after the Windows startup. At this time, there is no access to the Internet.

My installed Comodo version is is this normal or i should update automatically? Comodo Internet Security has stopped to update the program version?
Checked now no program updates.


The first beta had separate offline installers. Why no separate offline installers for final?

And, anyone running Comodo Firewall only?
Can you please check AMTSO samples and tell me you get cloud AV alerts or not on detection?
Here samples are contained and quarantined with no cloud AV alerts. I get contained alerts only.

Well, my Oprea issue is half fixed haha, gifs play now when in the sandboxed Opera browser, but videos still do not, they load for a second and nothing. Also, Facebook seems to freeze up when scrolling now, that one is new. This is only when Opera is sandboxed, when not everything is okay. Other chrome based browsers like Brave and Chrome work fine.

Offline allowed me to choose either firewall, AV or both, I went with just firewall because I have Kaspersky Cloud AV as my AV atm.

I have this same question.

im too scared of updating…

is this version having the same problems with system hanging as before? the lists hanging, etc?

I meant separate offline installers for AV, FW, etc like for the first beta of this final.

I see AV and Firewall as separate installers here.

No cloud AV alerts on detection.
Have to enter the password to allow programs when I click on “do not isolate again”.

Uninstalled CFW.

yandex is blocking these downloads for me. I don’t remember if I have them as a DNS or not, so I am confused.

There is hardly a difference between the installers for all three. The only difference I can think of of the top of my head is that cavwp.exe is not required by firewall only. I guess Comodo does not want to spend time and resources developing three almost identical installers.

Yashkahn is referring to separate offline installers

v11.0.0.6710 Release - the same distributive, as Release Candidate, the files have not changed (check-sum and DS)!

Export your config, uninstall CIS, then install using one of the installers here. They have not made update available to older versions yet, so you can wait or force the update by running the updated installer.