Comodo Internet Security v11.0.0.6574 - BETA

@Eric, yes there is, and I am checking that now with a clean install of CIS on build 17672

Umesh, I have Insider build 17672 on hold; I can chose when to install it and can offer you a test scenario. Is there is a scenario of updating CIS and Win 10 Insider you would like to see tested?

I could do the upgrade with CIS 6526 installed and do the upgrade of CIS after upgrading to 17672. Or do the upgrade to 17672 with the clean installed beta (with imported customized Proactive Security or default config). Or I could update 6526 on 17666 to the beta and then update Win 10. Do you want me to use a default or customized config?

Got the offline copy working in my VM, Oprea sandboxed plays video now, but it is laggy, that might just be my VMware though.

Hi Umesh,

I just purged my list. Will see how it goes. Rating scan still showing 0% trust level.

Hey guys, what’s up with this?

I don’t mind the “Scan” and “Run in container” options, even though I never ever used these even once, but are those others really necessary?
How do I get rid of them?

They are available in beta builds only and are for diagnosis purposes in case we run into some issue in some system and need additional details.

at umesh

Password by PM.


Thanks, will check.

Thanks for report.
As per report, it seems error is due to not being able to check program updates.
This release has new path and not available yet in production.

May you please ensure you are either using hosts entries or defined test server IP in proxy settings as suggested in post?


As umesh explains it’s what comes with beta testing. Beta testing is not for the faint hearted or your convenience; we’re all guinea pigs for development.

Hi EricJH,
There are two scenarios of interest:
You have RS4 with CIS v6526 installed and you update to this beta and then update to RS5.

You have RS4 with CIS v6526 installed and then you update to RS5 and then to this beta.


Umesh. I am on Insider 17666 which is an RS5 build. Just making sure we’re on the same page. :slight_smile:

I listed critical test cases.
Everything else, you can just ensure no regression on default settings.

My CIS just upgraded now again.

Yes, BETA - 2, will announce in next few mins.

Hi All,
Please checkout Beta-2 as v6580: