Comodo Internet Security v10.2.0.6522 - RC - Hotfix

Hi All,
We are pleased to announce availability of release candidate of Comodo Internet Security v10.2.0.6522.

Online Setup Details:
In order to install online setups, please ensure you have following entries in Windows hosts (c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) file:

You can update to this version from last production versions and by using update settings as shown in enclosed HostSettings_for_Update.png.

Comodo Internet Security
Size: 5.28 MB (5,546,200 bytes)
MD5: ab2690315e0780fbd3323163a7735d6c
SHA1: f7be711485fc80c57363e0759b116e4523f00de9

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 5.28 MB (5,546,192 bytes)
MD5: e6f3fd64f827cdce3d3c2224b342e1e3
SHA1: 9dd3be90a0a41f90b8c45ae71da03b57cd951a1e

Comodo Firewall
Size: 5.28 MB (5,546,192 bytes)
MD5: ab8fac6086c1438ebf3dc9e6b41963b5
SHA1: 3af5ed380d835039233ba4fe756e9dd7419268ae

Offline Setup Details:
Comodo Internet Security Premium (Firewall and Antivirus only)
Size: 72.8 MB (76,390,464 bytes)
MD5: 6b3c2ec65c88951ecfcf62c0defe4764
SHA1: 7410f3415340c7af8f0463d10349f283081ae1fe

This is a hot-fix release with following changes:

  1. We had a regression in v6514 with certificate scan as reported here. Now Rating Scan should be detecting untrusted certificates.
  2. In case you are updating Operating System from non-Windows10 Operating System to Windows10 OS, CIS will auto update drivers to Windows 10 compatible drivers without requiring user’s intervention. Same will be done by updated Comodo Secure Shopping v1.3.442656.138.
  3. Updated Comodo Secure Shopping v1.3.442656.138 is compliant with HVCI feature, which is disabled by default in Windows RS4.

Apart from any regression you can find, we would like you to test following upgrade scenarios and share your valuable feedback:

  • OS Upgrade: Install on Windows 7 / 8.1 and update to latest RS4 IP build and share if you observed any issue.
  • Updating from older CIS versions: Update from older CIS versions (6476 and 6514) using test server settings as suggested in HostSettings_for_Update.png.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.



Working for me, updating via Update in app from 6514 to 6522 on Windows 10 x64 16299.248.

Updating from older CIS versions 6514 using test server on Windows 10 x64 16299.251.
Everything works fine. :-TU

at umesh


Here works.

Updated from CIS gui.

Hi TheUndertaker,
As suggested earlier, please see if you can provide latest dumps without PGP software in there.


This build survived the update from Win 10 Insider x64 17112 to 17115 with grace. All systems up and running.

Updated from 6514 w/o a problem using test servers in CIS

CSS stayed the same at 134 so uninstalled that version, then installed the updated 318 through CIS again. All OK

Win 10x64 1709 Build 16299.248

Good on Win 8.1 x32 :slight_smile:
I have noticed something funny (screenshot)

I updated successfully on Windows 8.1 x64 earlier. All systems were working with no immediately visible bugs or quirks.

Hi Volum,
May you please export CIS logs and share?


Hi, Umesh, diagnostc did not find any errors.

Hi All

On all the machines I have the new build on I am now finding that if I temporarily disable the AV for example or the sandbox eg. for 15 mins or 30 mins (e.g. as I tend to do when installing Visual Studio updates) - they are not auto switching back on again after the time period elapses. Is anyone else finding this too?


Just tried yep it does not turn back on automatically.

Edit: reported the bug into tracker bug 2368.

Confirmed with the AV on Win 10 Insider 17115 x64. I will test with disabling automatic containment now.

Thanks, will address it.

Confirmed with disabling auto containment as well on Win 10 Insider 17115 x64.

Hello i would like to know if there is an option to download the new Comodo Secure Shopping v1.3.442656.138 has a standalone instaler , like the previous version? . If there is can you please put the link in here in order we can download it? thank you!

You know the version number so you have the RC and CSS installed. Look in the c:\ProgramData\Comodo\Installer or c:\ProgramData\Comodo Downloader\cis\download\installs\5140\xml_binaries\css folders. They both contain the installer. You need to have Explorer set to show hidden files and folders to see the ProgramData folder.