Comodo Internet Security v10.0.2.6350 - BETA2

Hi All,
Thank you for all the feedback in previous beta v6346.

We have made a new beta build available on test server and you can use program update to update to v6350 or wait for update notification ensuring you have beta server settings configured.

Here is the change list:

  • Earlier when you scanned, even though there was no threat detected, Trust level may not be 100% in some situations.

Website Filtering:
- Cloud based threat database: Till last production version we used to have localized malicious url database; now this beta onwards, we have this database cloud based with support of local heuristic database that’s version number you will see in About box. Once in production, you can expect this database to be updating multiple times a day to ensure latest threats are covered. This database is updated every time AV database is updated.
(At the moment beta server is not synced with production for thin heuristic database, so it’s version will remain unchanged, although if you remove test server settings and update, you can see higher version of websites database in About box.)

- Additional malware categories: If you go to “Settings–>Website Filtering” section and try to add a category in a rule, you will see additional categories, which are filled up on the fly and will allow us to add more categories in future without client changes. Finally it could become true parental control feature not just protection against malicious/phishing URLs.

- Default behavior for blocked sites as “Ask”: If you see default “Blocked Sites” rule, earlier websites in defined categories were set to “Blocked” as default Restriction. Now you can see default value as “Ask”. This means now if website is blocked, user will be having option to continue, if he wishes so. Please see enclosed as example page.

Online Setup Details:

In order to install online setups, please ensure you have following entries in Windows hosts (c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) file:

Comodo Internet Security
Size: 5.3M ( 5,497,512 bytes)
MD5: 3a5a9be4e1f6d2eaec0563ce3e025b54
SHA1: 26fb92fd68018a63e4ce3179dd0bb943865d74ff

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 5.3M ( 5,497,512 bytes)
MD5: 044f0e596896280360e09c742e73fad9
SHA1: 5d9e0d51b85875719e003fd7bd69d3657c6d8290

Comodo Firewall
Size: 5.3M ( 5,497,512 bytes)
MD5: a96dcec31d0a758c2e9fd6e5e6c5b330
SHA1: c73ed267e91d1f14b142548baf7d1f376fafaf61

Offline Setup Details:

Comodo Internet Security Premium (Firewall and Antivirus only)
Size: 66M ( 68,805,632 bytes)
MD5: 1f0315e33db057845182a8b481edf1a5
SHA1: 40dea57f75b4f3150599e31a24ecf82d53ff0224

Please check it out and share your feedback.


Looks nice :-TU

Logging of Blocked websites is off by default, Shouldn’t it be On by default?

Finally, some web filtering improvements :-TU Thanks

Successfully updated using the updater on Windows 10 Insider 15299.15. :-TU

When do the reconizers get updates from beta 6346 to beta 6350? (CIS beta 6350 does not accept the recognizers from CIS beta 6346 and there is no update available.)

Monitor contained applications only - If enabled, VirusScope will only monitor and generate alerts for processes running in the container. (Default = Enabled)

If the setting is disable will monitor all applications?

hey,could you add auto resolve mode in viruscope,where all the threats would be quarantined by it automatically with a popup that a suspicious threat has been quarantined.

Improved Auto-Sandbox notification:
Now when an application is auto-sandboxed, notification has an option not to isolate again. Please check enclosed Improved_Auto_Sandbox_Notification.png.

This doesn’t work I don’t see any popup when an app runs isolated automatically.

Updates doesn’t work either if you don’t edit the host file

With this update usability is bad, and the auto containment doesn’t help at all. As always with comodo you spend more time configuring the software (and then doesn’t work as intended), unblocking things, closing and opening isolated apps, restarting the computer because some process is still isolated even when you closed the application, etc rather than using the computer.

When CIS will have Valkyrie? the cloud AV (valkyrie) being used as part of the file rating system, I am not talking about having it as part of the AV component (full AV)

File Rating do not detect BAT file executed by EXE file.


Viruscope only monitors unknown applications so disabling that option will allow CIS to monitor all unknown apps instead of only monitoring unknown apps in sandbox.

this is already an option.

You need to enable ‘show non-executable files’ in file list.

What the option do.
When [ ] Do Not show pupup alerts. is Disabled/unchecked it will ask you what you want to do.
When [X] Do Not show pupup alerts. is Enabled/checked it will quarantine the file and give you an alert.

The name need to be changed to be correct and the descrition needs also to be changed.

Do not show pop-up alerts - Configure whether or not CIS should show an alert if VirusScope detects a suspicious activity. Choosing ‘Do not show pop-up alerts’ will minimize disturbances but at some loss of user awareness. If you choose not to show alerts then detected threats are automatically quarantined and their activities are reversed. (Default = Disabled)

CAV/CIS Antivirus have the same problem

What the option do.
When [ ] Do not show antivirus alerts. is disabled/unchecked it will ask you what you want to do.
When [X] Do not show antivirus alerts. is enabled/checked i will do the selected choice with and alert.

Made a wish some time ago and its Verified and hopefully be added.

updating from 15063.632 with CIS installed to 16299.15 brakes some of windows files. Internet Explorer does not work after update , CIS Firewall does not detect all traffic and uninstalling it breaks build in windows defender. This could lead to some problems later the month. Had to restore to previous build (15063.632) to have full function again.

Just my heads up on this beta.

Loading on 16299.15 after fresh install works 100%

Try again and make sure you still either have beta IP addresses in hosts file or only enabled in proxy and host settings in CIS.

But this option silently quarantines the malware and doesn’t tell that a malware has been quarantined,making users think that why their files ,after clicked, deleted.
To know what has happened to the deleted file,you have to see the blocked applications only where you come to know that viruscope has blocked it.
This setting doesn’t generate popup at all(according to my testing with it),neither to ask user(+) nor to inform the user that threat has been blocked(-).

I agree with you I suggest creating a new wish topic in the wishlist.

I have tryed and the updater still thinks recognizer_v10.0.2.6346 is the latest version. (only beta server is enabled in proxy and host settings.)
CIS is of course not using this recognizer then, because CIS thinks its incopatible.
recognizerCryptolocker works fine, thought.

comodo security shopping it is not possible to use graphical accent(~´ã, õe está…) of the Portuguese language?
previous versions were not :-\

Did you update from 6346 then to 6350? Then that is probably why as I uninstalled 6346 first then installed and ran the update.