Comodo Internet Security v.7 news


News about the new Version 7

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:-\ shame that we are getting those news from third party :frowning:

Even beta versions issued at those sites before forums comodo , as happened with the beta version 6.3

The 6.3 BETA version was leaked if I remember right…Once beta is ready, it’s first published on Comodo forums.

It can be easily retrieved from the translations for upcoming versions: Comodo - CIS 6.x Localizations (incl. CCE/KS/Autoruns).

That was because a user was trying variations on download addresses. An internal build was found. Comodo has taken measures to prevent this type of leak of internals builds.

There will be a public beta test track for CIS 7. We have no estimated time of arrival for it. It will arrive at the forums when it’s ready.

New technology cis 7

You can take out the applications running from Sandbox

Improvement in HIPS greatly improved accuracy Media HIPS

Improved firewall rules greatly, especially ports

Improved + defens greatly improved alerts

The ability to end process

Add a restore point as cis 5

Add automatic mode for automatic alerts to become

The ability to show alerts Sandbox and prevent applications that run inside of Alsandbox of access to resources greatly

It was a list of banned sites

It was a list of trusted sites

Improve records

Parental controls

Information has been inferred from the language files for the program

The file was opened by Radialix 2


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comodo language file contains all the terms comodo

This piece of information is correct by 70%

the must needed features & improvements that are very much needed & essential in comodo v7 internet security premium free version are :

  1. an web & url filtering & antiphising component fully compatible with latest versions of google chrome & firefox & IE based browsers & that should be regularly updatable to block each & every types of malicious & dangerous & phising & scam & exploit based websites .

  2. a file & folder lock component for data encryption which is very very essential in a security suite for privacy protection nowadays.

  3. an improved antivirus & antimalware engine with the direct option available to delete threats & malwares completely on their detection which is currently not available in comodo products .

  4. comodo firewall should detect each & every programs that are trying or are making any types of inbound or outbound connections & should have a module or settings in the advanced settings panel from where they can be accessed to select which programs should be allowed only outbound & which ones should be allowed only inbound connections.

  5. last but not the least if possible an antispam component can be added though it’s not that essential & important in compared to the above mentioned four components or changes required.

adds these to the wishlist here:

when adding to the wishlist make each wish is a separate topic

seems someone knows how to dig into deep 88)

it will be a great idea to put an addon like “unchecky” to prevent additional unwanted programs installation.

what a shame that it is half of the month and no informations yet for the users

…like you are already not used to that…

Which info ? :smiley: with BETA changelog, you’ll have all infos, having them before or after will change what ? It’s up to the company to tell users no ?