Comodo Internet Security Upgrade Tool Question


I have a Question about Comodo Internet Security Upgrade Tool

  1. Is this multilanguage

Which language are you looking for?

Why is CIS not translated to Esperanto?

Esperanto is an artificial language and not spoken very often except in small communities.

All languages other than a few are supplied by the community. Thus, if you are aware of a language which would be helpful for users, you can volunteer your own time to translate it by contacting Alexander Suvak and volunteering to translate it for them.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I was joking, guys… ;D :smiley:


As example German or any Other Languages

Thank you very much

German is already included with the installer.


Thank you very much for your answer

And what is with the Other Languages

I don’t understand what you mean by this? Can you please state your question more explicitly?



I mean has the Upgrade Tool the Other Languages in it

Using the upgrade tool should result in a version of CIS with all the languages normally available if you installed CIS from scratch. At least that’s my understanding.


Thank you very much for your answers