comodo internet security settings

i have window 10 and cis 12.0.06818. I would like to know if the correct setting for the firewall is safe mode or block all. I changed from block all to safe mode as when it was on block all I could not connect to the internet but on safe mode I could.

Also secure shopping should it not appear on the settings, advance protection. Secure shopping version 1.3.50284.151. Secure shopping only appears under the task.

Hi Grail,

General Firewall settings have four types, users can choose these settings based on their need.
Here is the link about the description of each setting.

If comodo secure shopping setting is unavailable in advanced protection, please uninstall comodo secure shopping alone and try re-installing it through general tasks in CIS.
Now check for the secure shopping settings in advance protection, if it’s still unavailable please report to us.

Mathi R

how do I install through cis via general tasks. please provide steps. thanks.