COMODO Internet Security Screen Shots (CIS) & Info. [CLOSED]

Hi Guys,

I am happy to say that today, The Global Moderators of the forum have received a “Moderator” version of COMODO Internet Security! As you most of you know, It currently combines COMODO Firewall Pro v3 (CFP 3) & COMODO AntiVirus v3 (CAV 3). This is the only free security suite available and COMODO is the first to have one, Which is also so FAST, so EFFECTIVE, & there is NO System slow downs!

Many other technologies and plans are in place to be integrated into CIS in the future (COMODO Memory Firewall, Diskshield, etc). And this is the beginning!

Back in November 20th, 2007- CFP v3 was officially released, Which covered Prevention! Now we have added Detection and I am guessing you guys know the next one to be covered! we are doing our own internal testing, and it should be a number of days now before we get a public beta.

As I said… Many other plans are in place… This is the beginning of a Great Suite & Antivirus!!! Enjoy the Screen Shots! May the count down begin!!!

Special Thanks to Melih & COMODO for their fantastic efforts!! And for those who want to sign up for CAV3 (CIS):

-You can now sign up for CAV3 here: (Bottom off page).
-Also be sure to check Comodo Internet Security & Antivirus 3 Release information.


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It looks so clean! (J)

I got all excited thinking that Cavs was ready, now look at me just look at me


Well it looks like its back to the sofa

It looks perfect, congratulations to all concerned.

Dare I try it when it first appears? Hopefully mods will warn us if any serious crashes occur for them!

(:CLP) :BNC (:CLP)

sweet. Thanks for posting josh!

The Public beta will be quite stable actually (Because of how long the development went on for, and now we as Global Mods are testing it further to make it even better for you guys!). Melih Only wants a quick beta so a final should be due in a few weeks. Just some minor GUI Glitches and bugs that need ironing out, Nothing serious.


Hi 3xist,

Can you please post a screen cap of the system tray icon? I can’t wait to use CIS as I like Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 very much. However, its system tray icon is not aesthetically attractive, especially when the green and red arrows appear and cover up the shield, hehe.

I just can’t wait to use the public beta soon!

soooooooo happpyyyyyyy!!! :BNC CIS looks fantastic… and knowing that it was able to detect the EICAR virus before it was downloaded is really promising. Three cheers for Melih and the COMODO programmers… woot woot… (V)


Hehe… The System tray icon is the same as CFP 3. However if it’s not changed before the public beta can you put it in the wish list. Myself and Mods will keep you guys posted.

Ohh btw… You can disable those arrows by right click sys tray icon>Show Tray Animation (Make sure its not ticked).

Also heres the Alert for EICAR Test file! :slight_smile:


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I hope Comodo Antivirus will be able to work with thunderbird and create outgoing and ingoing certification about e-mail-virus-checks.





got me goosebumps, waiting for its public release…

i hope the AV has a scan/guard options for “unknown file types” (of sorts…)

anyways, good luck, more power and god speed…



does it come in black?

Oh my goodness. So we are really close to OUR CIS. Eagerly waiting for the public release. 3xist, thanks for the information and screenshots. Of course, thanks to the CEO (Melih) and the Development team of COMODO.

Nope… Just default. When the public beta is out I will ask about the Skinning Tool which is currently in beta for CFP 3 but hasn’t been worked on because they wanted CIS to be launched. So people then can share skins, create etc for CIS.


thanks for the info’s… it’s not the cover that matters, it’s the content… hate black anyways, too gloom-doom for me…

hands and feet up, much thanks for the great product/s… (J)

The version at the moment isn’t really “feature” release. When the public beta is out, Wishlist will be made and please post your wishes. It took alot of time as you can see already building CAV3 then integrating it into CFP 3 to create CIS. :slight_smile:

Thanks Dudes! (:WIN)


CIS looks really nice :slight_smile: Waiting to put this pretty beast on my comp ;D (it’s all Kyles fault, that I can’t have it now >:()

Well at least the waiting game is over after MONTHS of waiting.

Huge Sigh


Heres the About Window:

v3.5 Sounds nice :slight_smile:


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thanks for the screenshots 3xist.
looks good!


i have a question. what processes does CIS use? is it cmdagent.exe, a CIS GUI, and then a core AV process?


:smiley: According to Ganda and Comodus I’m the reason CIS is released later then expected… >:-D
Sorry guys… Rome wasn’t built in a day! (J)

Excellent picture you have there, the world with a padlock. Global Security! This is much better than competitors, Umbrella’s - Avira, An eye - Nod32, A Lion - Rising, list goes on…

Melih, would you believe me if I told you I was a father? Might I be able to convince you to release it for fathers day? (:TNG)