Comodo Internet Security Questions

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  1. How does Comodo Internet Security FREE version handle Punkbuster? All the firewalls I have ever tried blocks Punkbuster, EVEN if I allow it, causing me to get booted from gaming servers which use Punkbuster. Does Comodo Internet Security FREE version handle Punkbuster permissions PROPERLY? Does Comodo Internet Security FREE version have a WORKING training period where EVERYTHING is automatically allowed, learned and saved properly?

  2. How is the Sandbox in the Comodo Internet Security FREE version? Or do I need the PAID version to get Sandbox to work properly and at full potential?

  3. What are the differences between Comodo Internet Security FREE version and PAID version?

  4. How does the AV compare with other AV’s?

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I’m not sure about how it would work with that particular program as I haven’t used it. Hopefully someone else can comment on this.

There’s no difference between the sandbox in the free version and that in that paid version. The only difference between the free and paid versions are extra services you get. The core protection is the same for both.

See my response above. Also, you can read this post

This is a difficult question to answer. I can however tell you that the AV in CIS certainly isn’t bad. In my opinion I think it’s a little above answer. However, to answer this question more quantitiatively I will point you to this thread

Please let me know if you have any more questions.


Punk buster wise, I have it running as it is needed for Battlefield Bad Company 2 and have not needed to do anything to CIS to have it work correctly.

You can try the free version of CIS and see if it will work.

Is the FREE version of CIS even worth installing? It’s very crippled isn’t it and you really need the paid version?

The free version of CIS is the exact same as the paid versions. It is not crippled. The paid versions differ by the extra services they offer only.

The software is never crippled at Comodo.
This can be found throughout the Forums.

Where did you hear that the free version of CIS was crippled? ???

The question was rhetorical and speaks from the assumption that free versions of programs are often less powerful versions of the paid versions. For comparable products, think Online Armor and Outpost, that is the case.

when I look in control panel, W7 says I have NO FW installed, so why doesn’t CIS show up in W7 Control panel security settings?

It should. But Security Center sometimes fails to register. Try the Security Center reset.

Open a command prompt by clicking Start → Run. Type cmd and click OK.

In the command prompt window, type NET STOP WINMGMT /Y and press ENTER.


Type EXIT and press ENTER to close the window.

Restart the system. Windows should start normally, but you may be prompted to restart the system once more to complete the changes caused by resetting the core repository. You may also need to restart once more if Windows Security Center still does not detect your security product

Forget that, cannot be bothered stuffing around, I had to remove it.

Maybe I have better luck with the next version.