Comodo Internet Security Premium Causing Consistent Crashes with Tower of Fantasy

I’ve been having issues where Comodo Internet Security premium (both the previous and the new 2025 version) is constantly causing one of my games to crash a couple of minutes I get in-game. I sent a support ticket to the developers of the game with the crash logs, and they suggested that I uninstall Comodo software and reinstall it. I uninstalled the software and tried to run the game without it, and the it runs fine. When I reinstalled Internet Security the crashes recur. The game isn’t flagged by any of the protection modules.

From what I just read, that game use’s same type of Root level anti cheat similar to Vanguard. If that’s the case I say its their anti cheat causing the issues.

Was there anything in the Comodo logs at the time of the issue? You might try adding the game to the shell code injection exceptions

Thanks for the suggestion. I couldn’t really find anything related in Comodo, but I was able to fix the crashes by adding it to the code injection exceptions.

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