Comodo Internet Security - Next Update? [Merged topic]

Puzzled i am. Today In a post Umesh made a comment regards another Cis release next week.I understood there were no others planned until V4.

Can someone throw some light on this one please as i would like to know what the changelog will be.


There wasnt one planned, but since there a cuple of bugs that need to get fixed, there will be…

It includes all kinds of CIS fix’s ;D… I dont know any more details. :frowning:

I think it maybe 3.11 (dont quote me on this)

If this happens, I hope the Comodo include the translation files updated.

In the previous version did not. ???

When will the next update take place with better security and features?

Comodo is working very hard on version 4. A preliminary estimation by Melih suggests not before the end of the year.

It will bring a new user interface with enhanced usability, Time Machine and behaviour blocker. And there are probably other things I forget. When needed there may be release(s) in the 3.1x series; but that will be only for bug fixing.

Sandbox, behavior blocker, time machine.

Maximum Security, minimum hassle! Guaranteed!

A Desktop security product is about Preventing infection. with ver 4 we will achieve that with almost no alerts! Yep… i do mean it…

But there seems to be, thanks to ineffectiveness of AV products out there, a huge amount of users who are infected. They need help. So we are adding some acid like cleaning capability to v4…there ain’t going to be a rootkit that can not be cleaned by CAV!! Even the ones that hides… we are coming to get you :slight_smile:

so CIS v4 not only will be the choice for any novice pc user for desktop security, it will also be the solution that people turn to when their current AV lets them down and get infected and can’t clean it!


Hi Everyone,
In the world we live in there are people who are exceptional in the things they do or in the fields they work in and these people are recognised for their, work, ethics, and what they bring to the community. You see people get the Nobel Prize for their contributions to humanity etc. Its a pity that there are no rewards for people like Melih who have a dream of a safer IT world and then put those dreams into words then into actions. Today I would like to take my hat off to Melih and say THANK YOU for the efforts you and your team have made to make surfing on the net much safer. I personally think that a reward should be given, as the efforts of Comodo effect millions of people around the world, in they can have a security program that costs absolutely nothing. Others who have an effect on millions of people whether in the field of science, medicine etc have accolades given to them, why not also in the IT security fields.
Again Melih thanks for all you have done to help so many people around the world. BTW do you have any idea of how many people you have helped so far ( downloads of CIS)?
I can’t wait to see what the new CIS 4 will be like.
shadha :comodo110:

those are come big goals Melih and by this time next year my kaspersky subscription will be up and I hope that V4 will be totally ironed out by then and be at the top of it’s game for me to give it another shot.

There is going to be a new update for CIS next week by the way that contains bug fixes.


Thank you Shadha, for your kind words. I really appreciate it.


Will Comodo make these new features optional, in other words will there be ability (for the user) to opt out from these features?

I would imagine this would be the case. At the very least with Time Machine, as Egemen has stated on the beta forum that Time Machine won’t be a seamless integration with CIS.

Thanks for this information.