Comodo Internet Security is blocking OrisLab X3

Hi, i have a PC where is installed the software OrisLab X3 but Comodo Internet Security is creating issue when i need to receive Invoices.
How i can completely exclude all Oris folder and all files inside to be whitelisted by Comodo? Can you please indicate the steps?

In this way my PC will be more week? If a ransomware are able to enter on this folder or a virus will be free to infect the PC?
If this is the case maybe i am more secure to use Windows Defender antivirus because for be able to use OrisLab softelware I need add the full folder with all files excluded from be blocked by CSF. So any bad software that come inside this are allowed to infect the PC?


Just set the file rating to trusted in the file list for the application executables that are being blocked.

The issue is this program can run different component. It was opening without been blocked but some funzion like the download of the invoice was giving errors.

The issue is also when the program is updated is still create problem so what to do? With steps I have to follow?

I had to pay an expensive technician remote support from Oris that found the issue was Comodo Internet Security (configuration) that was blocking the automatic download of xml files.

They say to add exception for


don’t know how to fix with Comodo.

Hi peopleinside,

Could you please submit the files “OrisLab X3” to the mentioned topic, so that it can be whitelisted.

Maybe not i can’t because…

  1. I said was me to using this software but is not. Is a friend who for work use this software that is licensed
  2. As the invoice issue is lasted some week my friend had to pay an expensive remote support from Oris team that disabled Comodo and fixed the issue so i had to remove Comodo as we cannot risk to have another remote session for resume the program functionality.
  3. The program is opened correctly, the issue was for some reason some components maybe was blocking i don’t know what part of the program… if an external program or a file or just the download of xml files. A program can have more than one exe also if the user open just one.

How submit an application that is not downloadable from anyone?
How also the company can whitelist a program that is licensed and not downloadable on the internet by anyone?