Comodo Internet Security "FREE" ?

I’ve been using CIS for years. Now with 4.x, the word “FREE” is added to Comodo Internet Security. Is that necessary at all? I’m sure we all aware it is free, and there’s a “PRO” version exists. Today, the word “FREE” is added, in the future, “FREE” will become “LITE”, and then “DEMO”.

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I cannot stop being amused that people keep making such a big issue out of this…

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You could be right, but I doubt it. Comodo seems to rely heavily on their users to do much of their testing for them. This resource would quickly dry up if CIS became severely limited and CIS would fade away.

Besides, I’m pretty sure that Comodo still makes the vast majority of their profits from selling certificates. From a business standpoint CIS is mainly a way of getting their name known and increasing people’s confidence in Comodo as a company.

Could be wrong, but this is my view.

Comodo seems to rely heavily on their users to do much of their testing for them.

Why not?

But why, in these conditions, don’t we ever see any official answer to feedback/whislist, even if it is to say that the request is unconvenient/impossible?

I’m personally dreading the day I have to re-install CIS on my Win7 machine. I fix my co-workers’ personal computers as a hobby… and usually try to give them CIS on a rebuild. I know people get tired of hearing about it, but the new interface already looks cheesy (Win 3.1ish) enough - the word FREE at the top doesn’t really help me sell the idea.

Buy the PRO version, then the word FREE will

aka… the Microsoft Development Model



Then why are you using Comodo’s free software when it is full of bugs?

Come on now the word free makes a product look cheap, now in all fairness yes it is cheap for the end users very cheap indeed, but with “other AVs” having the word free at the end means there is a improved pro version out there for the said product. Like core features such as hourly AV updates and the like. Sorry I agree with everybody else it does make the product look cheap and not in a good way. PS remember you get what you pay for and it’s ONLY comodo who bucks the trend.

You guys are right…it cheapens the product :frowning:


That what about CIS (for free version) and CIS Live! for the Value Added version?

This is the naming structure I would have for comodo

Every product should be named Comodo 2010 ( dropping the Internet security)

Then you can have:

Comodo 2010 Personal ( the free version we use now)

Comodo 2010 Internet Security ( CIS we have now, but with wireless security added one)

Comodo 2010 Internet Security Live ( CIS with wireless security and live support)

Comodo 2010 Complete ( wirless security, live support and online storage)

That way it is easy for people to know what they are getting

Come on now the word free makes a product look cheap

I agree with this sentence. The word ‘free’ should not be placed in the foreground because it stains the image of Comodo and it’s a marketing technique obsolete. This is also very empty of originality in the way the product is presented.

I believe that the path lies in the image; for a free product, there may be a different design, lighter, sober, friendly, white … Unlike the paid product, which would, in addition to advanced features, an intimidating design, epic, black and red (something like, you know what I mean).

It should no longer be any “free vs. pro”, there should be “simple and light vs. advanced and powerful”

Seriously, I couldn’t care less if the appending after the product name was Free, Personal, Basic, Lite, Simple or whatever you like as long as it is fully functional and is licensed to me for 0$. This is only a naming scheme of choosing which Comodo has full right since their do develop it, and not you, and it’s their marketing campaign. 88)

What’s next? You will be discussing with Melih the budget and business plan for an upcoming year?

Why not combine them?


hehe I like it :slight_smile:

why not call the free version Comodo Internet Security Premium while we are at it right? :wink:


Sounds good to me :slight_smile: