COMODO Internet Security for Linux

Hi all. I have a few questions about COMODO for Linux.

Is COMODO Antivirus for Linux enough to prevent attacks? I mean, why isn’t there an Internet Security suite? Isn’t HIPS/Firewall also necessary to prevent some attacks?

Linux may be secure due to its security model design, and I guess that CAV for Linux detects Windows viruses under Linux. But Linux viruses also exist. And Linux also has internet features, which can bring up phishing, hacker attacks and so on.

Maybe Linux is secure enough for Internet Security not to exist for it, but I can’t know for sure. What’s your opinion? 8)

Hi CAV for Linux is an antivirus for attacks under Linux please enable an firewall for example GUFW and install Snort and Harden-Nids and you are pretty safe.
Linux is safe due fast updating of the kernels and packages, so beware CAV for Linux is an antivirus and if you looking for preventing attacks then enable an firewall and install Snort or any other host protecting software you can find in the repo s.

Adblockplus + Selinux and you are good enough
You don’t need gufw, the firewall already block every entry in your computer.
Fedora if you want selinux pre-installed.

What’s SELinux? :

edit :
Apparmor for ubuntu and opensuse

Use a browser that utilises the Linux-kernel’s sandboxing-features and has built-in protection against phishing etc (i.e. Safe Browsing).
Install software from your distribution’s repositories, it is tested and safe. If the application you need is not available, for Ubuntu, check for it at Launchpad. Third and least safe option: download an install-package, but only from trusted sites.
Don’t use a root-account and be cautious with the sudo-command.
You need no more. That’s my opinion. 8)