Comodo Internet Security does not seem to be started or installed properly

I get this error “Comodo Internet Security does not seem to be started or installed properly. Do you want to start diagnostics utility to fix the problem?”, after logging-in to my second account, which is set to be LUA (Limited Access Account).
Diagnosis didn’t found anything. I must mention, that it started appearing after i reproduced on my admin account steps from KB313222. Also, none of the CIS services are started on this LUA.
How can i repair this error?

No one met with such a problem, yet?

I test malware on real system. Recently I had sality infection while tesing one AV.

I thought lets see installing CIS & what it does.

The installation went fine asked for restart & after restart I got the same error like you.

But mine was may be due to sality infection.

It does not happen in the primary,admin, account. That makes a sality infection not very likely to say the least.

Before jumping to any conclusions about a possible infection. Does the problem go away when changing the second account temporarily to running as admin?

It was not a conclusion. I said may be, that means I am not sure, so not a conclusion for me.

I have only 1 account & thats admin.

Yes, there are no errors after changing this seconds account to admin. So i’m infected?

When you run the second account as admin both cmdagent.exe and cfp.exe are running (make you you have “Show processes of all user” enabled in task manager? Is that correct? If that is correct then the problem was with CIS not working well under LUA.

If you would have been infected the problem would have also surfaced in your admin account in which the problem did not happen. That means that the infection naren was referring to was not causing the problem.

As always, when in doubt being infected it never hurts to scan for malware. You can scan with Hitman Pro, Spybot, Malwarebytes Anti Malware, Super Antispyware and TDSS Killer alongside CIS.

Both only if “Show processes of all user” is on. Else, only cfp.exe is shown and of course i can see CIS tray.

That’s normal behaviour.