Comodo Internet Security CIS V10.0.0.5144 Beta !!

Hello Everybody :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Are you ready to see the brand new version of CIS 10 Beta ? !

We’re so very excited to share with you the early beta of our brand new release ; our new born CIS V10.0 Beta ! We have worked on a number of new features and improvements according to your feedbacks and yes ! finally we are ready to share with you our brand new version !

First Class Quality User Experience with First Class Full Protection !

We focused on increasing the simplicity, usability and the consistency based on material design. In every step ; we pay attention to make a product that is user-friendly. We have tried to provide you the best user experience on this full protection product, Comodo Internet Security V10 ! It is now even more powerful with its new tools !

New Features that will make your life easier :-TU :-TU

There are new important features that we would like you to check in detail; most important ones would be Secure Shopping and Unblock Application tools !

What is Secure Shopping ? :-La

We bring your home Comodo’s enterprise level ground breaking technology !

This unique tool provides extreme security for online banking and shopping by allowing you connect to the Internet from within a highly secure, virtual environment.

  • Connects to sensitive websites from inside a dedicated, security-hardened environment.
    -Key-logger prevention stops hackers from recording your keystrokes.
    -Built in antivirus blocks online viruses, worms and trojans.
    -Remote takeover protection stops hackers taking screenshots.
    -Process isolation hides sensitive personal data from other processes.
    -SSL checker stops intruders from eavesdropping on your connection.

Edit: Pls Check the Secure Shopping video here: - YouTube

This tool will be available for our Comodo Internet Security Pro users; if you use CIS free, you should definitely give it a try with 30 days trial option !


So let’s check the new features, improvements and fixes handled within this release as below and thank you very much for your cooperation and support ! We are waiting for your precious feedbacks!

What’s New in 5144 ? :

• New UI theme named “Arcadia” :

  • Simplicity and usability are the focus points of this new theme !

• Secure Shopping :

  • This unique tool provides extreme security for online banking and shopping by allowing you connect to the Internet from within a highly secure, virtual environment.

• Web Installers :

- With the help of web installers our users will always be able to install the latest version !

• Unblock Application Option on Main UI :

- A unique feature that will make your life easier! You are able to unblock any application that is blcoked by any tool of CIS, all in 1 list for you to take the action easily !

What’s Improved in 5144 ? :

• Wordings, icons, navigation, consistency, uasbility improved in User Interface.

What’s Fixed in 5144:

We have addressed many issues reported by our users in this release.

  • Malware is not qurantined from Network Share
  • HIPS does not protect registry keys that were added with short path as HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
  • cis.exe is crash after try to launch GeekBuddy from CIS GUI
  • Windows Defender is disabled after installing Comodo Firewall on Windows 10
  • Viruscope does not detect and quarantine a sandboxed application in the case it is launched remotely

Download Location

Comodo Internet Security

Size: 6.1M ( 6380336 )
MD5: 45b0fb948366986dc938d5789d4d0544
SHA1: 45c06c2d537293b65c5d2d14c7fb175e8f92f624

Attention Please: This release is only available for our forum users and we expect bugs . There are known issues that will be fixed by our major release accordingly. Below are two important points that needs to be taken into account: We DO NOT recommending to install this Beta version on XP and Vista & There will be no binary updates for any version for Beta Release, please pay attention to make a CLEAN INSTALL*

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excellent work guys!

Amazing kind of enterprise level technology being made available for free to consumers!!! This is simply AMAZING!

Is this a full installer? It seems so small. I would like to install in on a machine without Internet Access.

Is secure shopping available in free version of CIS and if so then will it be still available after beta testing is over?

Hi @L.A.R. Grizzly,

No. It seems to be Web installer as noted in changelog to keep users always up-to-date. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the new BETA version COMODO. :-TU


No this is a web-installer, I can provide the msi intaller but its only the x64 bit version until I install the 32-bit version in another VM.

I thinks its only available as a trial for 30-days then you will need to purchase one of the payed editions of CIS to continue to use secure shopping after the 30 days.

Bummer. I hate web installers. :cry:

The machine I was going to try it on is Win7 Pro SP1 32 bit.


This is a patented technology used by Enterprises to protect their Point of Sale terminals or high value transaction based apps etc… Now you have this amazing enterprise level security available to our users (for free)…

Even if there are keyloggers or malware on your computer, once you are in a secure shopping mode, no keylogger, remote screen capture etc will be able to see or copy anything happening inside secure shopping session…I am telling you, its ONE AMAZING INNOVATION that enterprises pay huge amounts of money to Comodo for.

Thank you :-TU

Is Valkyrie working with CIS 10 or is it still not included?

Well I’m confused! To quote bucketb. This tool will be available for our Comodo Internet Security Pro users; if you use CIS free, you should definitely give it a try with 30 days trial option !

Hi @Qsnap,

Here is quote from another member from another forum about Valkyrie.

I didn't notice Valkyrie in this product, that's a shame :(


Then I am as confused as lyn

You guys can download the offline msi installer from these links:

  1. X86:
  2. X64:

Failed to initialize installer. Invalid data format.

This is what I get when I try to uninstall it…

To uninstall you have to download FULL installer and run it. It’ll show you REMOVE option. Otherwise, it is impossible to uninstall CIS 10 BETA!

Cant test it right now but, someone post informations about cpu and ram usage of this new cis?

Melih, is the banking feature going to be free or not? BuketB stated it will be an paid feature and You stated it will be free for all after beta… o.O ?

If this is paid, will be a way to “remove” any kind of advertise about it from cis 10 gui? Just like we remove the “upgrade button”? Please, say yes…

Same issue here. I have reported this issue.

I will be upgrading my Windows 10 Inisder to 14390 later and may install this build on it.