Comodo Internet Security (CIS) or The Center for Internet Security (CIS)

Which came first?

I notice that Comodo has a conflicting trademark with The Center for Internet Security (CIS) [at] Considering both entities are in the data security industry… which trademark is in violation?

I never did like the name Comodo Internet Security anyway. It’s a lame copy of Norton Internet Security.

Maybe Comodo Digital Shield (CDS). Though somebody’s using “Digital Shield”, they look like nobodys.


Has anyone actually trademarked the abbreviation?

I have not dug for the actual Patent-Trademark office documentation, but they claim their corporate name is trademarked, and they use the abbreviation ‘CIS’ extensively in all their documentation, publication, letterhead, and graphic logos.

Trademarks are not like Copyrights in that intellectual property rights are simply inherited through creation. Trademarks have to be defended through active use and publicity, and when brought to dispute, the winner is usually the entity who “uses the mark the most”.

It might be worth noting that Comodo only uses the mark for a product name; one of many products.

Edit: I am not a lawyer. But the information I’m familiar with was learned when LSI (Lock Sport International, of America & Canada & parts of Europe) was challenged by LSI (Lockmasters Security Institute, of Kentucky US). The former lost to the latter, because Lockmasters uses the mark on corporate letterheads and conducts more business in public light. Locksport Int. is just a non-profit org, a club, of physical security experts who run lock-picking contests and games around the globe. So they changed their mark from LSI to L.I

Hope that’s useful.

Authorization - CIS Trademarks, Logos, and Corporate Name may not be utilized by any third party absent CIS’ express written permission.

from Page

Trademark? a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
thus it does not interfere (Not a lawyer so don’t trust my legal words :stuck_out_tongue: )

Now if Comodo said (Center for Internet Security) then i think there would be trouble brewin;

but Since it’s Comodo Internet Security, I don’t think there is any trouble…


Names of Products, slogons, product graphics and mascots are also part of the same Trademark namespace.

The problem I see is that CIS (Comodo Internet Security) is the name of a product that does exactly the sort of things that CIS (The Center for Internet Security) “certified products” do. It may give the impression of certification or endorsement.

As an experiment, I’d be curious to see Comodo have CIS certified by CIS.

I don’t think a very large number of people are going to confuse an organization that certifies internet security and metrics with a pc security suite.

And looking at the list of certified vendors, security suites are not in fact the type of products that they certify. For example, Symantec is on their list of certified vendors. But look at the list of products that they have certified.

Strictly looking at the domain-name;
CISSECURITY.ORG - Created On: - 07-May-2006

By that time CIS was still CFP

CIS is only an abbreviation of Comodo internet security and therefore is only internal term for us user to use instead of writing Comodo internet security. Or I am wrong?

Valentin N

Regarding the use of the abbreviation CIS, I have to say don’t know.
Regarding the name. I have always said Comodo internet security is a very lame name for a product that protects your computer from much more than just the internet.
I might start a thread about name ideas. Kind regards


I asked Melih and he said

we should be alright because C is for Comodo and we own that.

By that logic, A is for Alltel so the fictitious name “AOL” meaning “Alltel On-Line” would be protected. Even if they weren’t in direct competition with AOL for providing consumer internet service. It could be the name for their VOIP service, but the name would still be in conflict with America On-Line’s mark.

“Get AOL for an additional $29.95 a month.”

Hmmm , You may not like name Comodo Internet Security but I am strongly disagree that it is a lame copy of Norton Internet Security.
As You should notice almost every security suite have this module in name “Internet Security”.
Some vendors have other name module , for example Avira Premium Security Suite ( sic! ) or Eset Smart Security. But the rest names are Internet Security in end name module like : Avast , AVG , BitDefender , F-Secure , G Data , Kaspersky , McAfee , Panda , PC Tools , Trend Micro Titanium , ZoneAlarm etc.
In my opinion Internet Security is a classic name for security software. And some kind of new name could be used in new , more powerful product of Comodo ( under conditions that such a thing will be someday produced ).
Greetings and take care. :wink:

If Alltel had registered that trademark for the same trademark registration sector they would already have dragged AOL to court.

Comodo internet security is a very lame name for a product that protects your computer from much more than just the internet. I might start a thread about name ideas. Kind regards
+1 Seems like a good idea, feel free to start a thread on that :). This would help get some ideas brewing

Who agrees CIS could do with a new name?

The antivirus should be renamed as " AntiMalware " is more comercial, imo.

Somethings here at Comodo never change. Same old Same old.

+1. CAV does cover more than just antivirus. !ot!

Edit- Please check link HeffeD pointed out at reply 14. Thanks

what do you mean :slight_smile: