COMODO Internet Security Beta Wishlist [CLOSED]

Hi Guys.

Please post you’re wishes!


-The ability to install this program on Server 2003 workstation.

what about parental control? i think many need this feature
keep up orking hard

Here is a minor request. I noticed once my scan finished I had there options. Save, ignore, and I think fix(can’t remember the third option). I clicked ignore on the item it found, and then the blank box just sat on the screen. There was no “finish” or “close” button. That may be a little confusing for newbies. Obviously I clicked on the “X” in the top right to close then, but a button may be more user friendly for newbies.


I want context menu scan for files and folders.

I hope in the final version we´ll see e-mail alert/notification of virus/leaks/infiltration…for network admins

I could be wrong but i believe you foud one glicth in the GUI that was spoken in many threads here

Translation tool would be highly appreciated.

a SAFE SURF / CMF on it


Definitely needs virus removal options.

I am guessing by default CAVS3 will try repair and if that fails it will quarantine?

For the submit suspicious file feature, would be nice if it would add detected viruses to the list automatically and further await submission or not from the user.

CAV3 cleaned up some stuff from a previous AV I uninstalled, and browsing for the files is time consuming sometimes!

same here.
I really miss it

I would like to add a decent anti spam

I would like to see the return of “Right Click Scanning”. Right now, if I want to scan a particular file, I seclude it in a directory and set up a scan of that directory in the “Run a Scan” menu.

I would like to see the return of the CAV Interface. They retained the CFP Interface.

I would like to have the ability to disable from the System Tray Icon too!

Basically, I would like all of the GUI features associated with CAV included into CIS.

And , yes, I realize that it was just released today and there are a lot of improvements to come!

Have a look at Comodo Endpoint Security Manager (CESM). It’s built for just this purpose.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I second that! I was thinking the same thing!

Instead of having two “update” sections (one under AV and another under Misc), just have one that updates everything. sigs, the program, etc…

Also, maybe add an update option when you right click the system tray icon.


like bruce wayne-batman said: “does it come in black?” ;D
err the GUI wishlist includes the “skin” part,right? i like it black. :-TU

not much but under about (miscellaneous), it should read like “view the copyright and version information about your security suite”… & the likes

hoping to have a “shut-down windows” option “if no threats are found” under settings of AV… or sort of…

an aero gui for vista users…

import/export settings on manage configuration for vista x64 users…

anyways, great thanks for the wonderful initial release of CIS… (:CLP)

The configuration of CAV in CIS is so simple. What about an expert mode, like Avira Antivir?

And CIS urgently needs a Scan with CIS in right-click context menu!

And also a Update Database/Program in right-click icon tray!

to point out further (not just the right click menu), maybe a setting for scan removable drive/s without scanning the memory (on start) option for manual scan only…

anyways, for the moment tried (& tested; OK & functional) creating a scan profile for removable drives (w/o the scan on memory on start on general options to shorten the scan process.).

I’m on vista x64 sp1