Comodo Internet Security (with Win10 Support) is released!!

Hello Everyone ! :slight_smile:

Here we are very excited to announce that the COMODO Internet Security/Antivirus/Firewall Hotfix for Windows10 Support is released ! Main focus of the release is Windows10 Support improvements for the Microsoft official new release and the problems which have been addressed according to reports submitted by our users on the previous built So thank you very much to you all!

Existing CIS 6.x, CIS 7x and CIS 8.x users will receive an automatic update offer CIS 8.2 Windows 10 Hotfix Release update . Attention please: !! We have a temporary problem on mirror servers. There could be problems on binary updates.Team is working on it

What’s new in


Windows 10 Support:

• Support improvements for Microsoft Windows 10 official release.


We have addressed many issues reported by our users in this release. Here are a selected few:
• Network firewall is not functioning properly after update from Windows 7 to Windows 10
• Cycle BSOD on Windows 10 x86 with CIS in proactive security
• Sandbox doesn’t support junction points
• Application that launched by ‘LNK’-file is absent in File List

Download Location

Comodo Internet Security

Size: 217M ( 226558984 )
MD5: 0e72b985d5bddd44229238ceabd0ee79
SHA1: dc8798f3f0c56a78f5e7effa79321b5f3c143926

Comodo Antivirus

Size: 217M ( 226558984 )
MD5: eea29878c897dc2beba56e3ac7efee9c
SHA1: 93fb144dfd7e4a89c274fe88cab43c74dce530e7

Comodo Firewall

Size: 217M ( 226558984 )
MD5: cc2cc30a2f64d43006d0f00ed0c7da64
SHA1: ba0ba7b9b39bcb2aa3b222e06f6cc02ffe4a2e2e

Thanks for the update :-TU

Just installed the Firewall using the cispremium_installer.exe linked at the end of the older release thread. All seems to be working fine on my fresh Win 10 Pro x86 install (not upgrade) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update Comodo. :-TU

Someone ought to call yro and let him know that the new release is out! ;D

Finally! Thanks, boys and girls! :smiley:

Thanks! My CIS Pro installation notified me of the update a couple hours ago and successfully updated it. All seems to be working properly. Much appreciated!

Just updated on Windows 10 Pro 64bit, the usual pain in the ■■■…
I had to uninstall the old version, use the Comodo removal tool, run ccleaner and then install CIS.
Now, if I check for updates, I get this error under “Program update”:
Error: 0x80070057 - Incorrect parameter
Any explanation?
It seems like, if I click again “update” after a while, everything is working

It probably has to do with the mirrors issue that Comodo is facing (stated at the first post).

I’m waiting for v. 9.0

Working fine here, thanks Comodo.

Well done.
For this build, do I need to uninstall CIS first before upgrade to Windows 10?
Or can I update to this latest CIS build first and then upgrade to Windows 10?

Thank you everything seems fine here in windows 10 pro 64 bits updated now and no problems so far!

it’s don’t work for me
version installed win 10 64 pro and firewall say no work corectly

Hello poopxp,

Thank you for the information, we need the details to investigate your problem. It would be highly appreciated if you fill in a bug report please. Comodo Forum

Kind Regards

Hello hkjoj,

You are now able to update to the latest CIS version before upgrade to Win10. No need to uninstall . :-TU

Kind Regards

good job guys!

Thank you for the new release :-TU

Thanks for the new release and thanks for the timeliness as well. I hope to install Windows 10 very soon.

Thank you !! :slight_smile: