Comodo Internet Security 5 named Best Free AV in Face-Off in CNET Poll

Comodo Internet Security 5 was named favorite free Antivirus and security program in CNET poll featured on Here’s the full press release:

Thanks for your votes and continued loyalty.

People are getting smarter by the day ;D ONE TO RULE THEM ALL!!! I hope that comodo will work al little bit more on the cleaning part of the av and reduce the fps a little bit…
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This might be in the wrong place, but just found that Comodo beat Avira, Avast, AVG, MSE and Bitdefender in a free AV comparison.

I don’t read Croatian, but if I read the graphs right, Comodo finished with over 97% detection rate, higher than all the others.

Ur url is not working.

97%, that’s pretty impressive.


First published here week ago…

Hi and Welcome to the Forum from one Captain to another. Imo I can’t see you regretting giving CIS a try. Thanks for your feedback on the Forum. Hope you enjoy and Kind regards.

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What, random people all across the web took a poll and simply voted on Comodo and this makes it the best product?

I’m sorry but a poll from inexperienced computer users does not qualify for making a good security product.

Listening to the rants of newbies complaining how this crashed their computer and now say this one makes my computer run so smooth is hardly a professional opinion.

Look, I’m not here to bash you, but please don’t try and pull the wool over our eyes with such propaganda. If you really want to talk REAL SECURITY facts then please show us, the educated, some REAL FACTS.

Polls are great fun. It is sorta like watching 7 years old play soccer. They all flock around the ball and where the ball goes the flock goes…

It is the same with polls. The 7 year olds play something that vaguely resembles soccer. Polls vaguely resemble reviews… ;D