Comodo Internet Security 5.1.37755.1159 available on

I seen Comodo Internet Security 5.1.37755.1159 available on, its also available as comodo antivirus 5.1.37755.1159, Comodo firewall 5.1.37755.1159, the surprising thing for me i dont see any mention of this on comodo forum about this latest version & i m wondering why all this new information is not available on comodo forum. ???
My other Question is when comodo forum will have info on this latest version, whats new changes are in this new version is also a mystery to me at this time.

Their is no version 5.1 it’s just simply a version mess up with the numbers. If version 5.1 was to come around im sure it would hit the beta stages first.

We would hope so :wink:

check this friends :-

Comodo Internet Security 5.1.37755.1159



MG download links redirects to Comodo’s servers

wich is:
MD5 = 10128f1c8cbf180e52f87a4352966f87 cispremium_installer_x86.exe
SHA1 = 2f7d9eb2926bd030f6dc07424cbe1eefa9b37d67 cispremium_installer_x86.exe

edit: corrected & checked.

Thanks Aeonian

Many Thanks , this knowledge is very :a0 interesting for me Kind regards