COMODO Internet Security 3.8.61948.459 BETA Released [CLOSED]

i still dont get any threatcast ratings for anything (:AGY)

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I am getting TC ratings for some of my programs.

what are some of the programs you got ratings for?i know its a beta but im just seeing if its just me or what?i use proactive security settings


Did you notice this?

Known issues

  • Threatcast protocol has been modified. This might cause the previous BETA to stop functioning

Have do done a clean intall?

Ive seen you post the same thing at wilders.

Comodo are currently rebuilding the ThreatCast database. You also need to remember ThreatCast was only reintroduced on Jan 16th, When the first beta was released, So not all current CIS users will be using this BETA version. When this gets released, the ThreatCast database will get much bigger as users start answering alerts, etc. This may interest you: Why ThreatCast will work.

And yes, people do get ThreatCast rating for certain programs… CCleaner for example…

So not to worry, It’s only a new thing and it based on Community Alerts.


yes i did a clean install

im not worried about it im justt wondering why some people get alerts and others(me)dont for any program not just a few none,but whatever i know its a beta so end of story thanks

Downloading now, but I will not have much time this week due to my work, and my son is in need of my PC… :frowning:
I’ll let you know what happens as soon as possible.

:comodorocks: version: 3.8 → WOW!

Was reading q&a posts and wondered why it was smaller for a little till I realised there was a second beta.
So I just know went to download the 64 bit version and the good old heuristics decided it was a “pebomb” lol.

Downloading anyway and did try to start it a few times and always got the false positive (well better be lol).

Congrats, I will test this new beta as soon as I can.

3.8 install is like “papaya with sugar”, smoooooth! :smiley:

By the way, this is the 4th boot. On the 3rd something went wrong: couldn’t log in due to some “account restrictions” at login screen, where you put your username… This was happening on beta-1 too (I just forgot to mention - that doesn’t bother me so much). This is sporadic, not always. Of course, no pics. Just hit “reboot” to things come ok again. I log-in as ADM but I have restrictions for IE at secpol.msc, as “basic user”, maybe this is the culprit!

Task manager shows this:

Seems faster than B1, nice! Let’s see more…


H E L P & A L E R T !!!

I have just finished downloading beta 459 from first page of this thread, right away Avast 4.8 fire up a trojan horse warning (as per attached pictures). I can’t detect anything with my currently installed CIS 3.5 or spywareterminator2 (Clam) though… anybody got any comment? :cry:

:o :o :o :o :o :o

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Must be a FP …


Wow, fast work. Is this one with or without database. I mean is this with dummy DB as well?

As i heard it’s DB version 2 now I think it’s the new database with the new way of sigs as scanning tremendously improved :slight_smile:


Well… I sure hope so… (and hope you’re right too) cos when I install it and D+ & CPF fires up, it will be answering “YES” “YES” “YES” all the way… [finger crossed]

:‘( :’( :‘( :’(

If you take a close look at the warning you’ll see it flaggs the Heuristics from CAVS :), so it’s a FP


Just realised no Safe Search or did I miss something on the install.

Er…hm, yes I see it. Thanks Xan! Say, does that mean the beta’s containing some sample of trajons or what??

It’s been said over and over. They’re using unencrypted signatures or parts of them and thats why avast! is etecting them. Nothing ALWIL guys can do about unless Comodo ppl encrypt them…
Been the same with Panda signatures…

Gonna test things later. :BNC