COMODO Internet Security 3.8.61948.459 BETA Released [CLOSED]

Hi Guys,

We have just released a second BETA for CIS which addresses some bugs existing in the previous BETA.

Whats New in this release?

This release addresses many bugs that are NOT reported before. However the following reported bugs are also fixed:

Fixed! System reboot takes too much time when CIS is installed
Fixed! AV Heuristics produces false reports for certain files
Fixed! Diagnostics utility produces wrong reports
Fixed! Password protection does not work properly

Known issues

  • Threatcast protocol has been modified. This might cause the previous BETA to stop functioning


MD5: c4e89ffafb896de22b754fb2f965368d
SHA1: 9fa19a777ca0ebbac686784a732187f2d7b59886
Size: 33.3 MB (34,963,208 bytes)


MD5: 7e7b22cd744566720e3875747abcbc45
SHA1: d0e66b887f7e54d2188f7f83159d32e92c0d6b26
Size: 50.4 MB (52,908,296 bytes)

For Bug Reports please use

Thanks Egemen,

Great work, downing now, let’s see how this one holds :wink:

So this is just a bug fix release?

I knew it would happen before you posted this topic:;msg241034#msg241034 ;D

do we need ot uninstall the previous BETA, or will this install over it?

For best results you should probably uninstall it.

Thanks egemen


Thanks Egemen. Good work.


Hope this can be available by update…

Good work guys! We now look forward to the RC :slight_smile:


let the testing and bug reporting begin! (:LGH) round 2! :wink:

Great work again Egeman and Team

Looks promising. (:HUG)

Will give it a go tomorrow, funny to hear that the comodo team found some bugs on their own! :-TU

Lets put it to the test!!!
3k+ malware waiting for heuristics!!!

Great work guys!!! You are going so darn fast!!! :BNC


Is the right click context bug fixed?

Nice quick turnaround! (:CLP)

Congrats on the release. Cool to see my system booting fast again… thx a lot for making that a priority. (:CLP)

Congrats on that release and fixing that Invaild Password bug. Is this Beta using the test antii-virus database or the release Database? Just curious.

Thanks for the update egemen!
Have CIS running on my Vista Home Basic laptop and Proactive Security on my desktop XP SP2

Both are running great. No problems to report.

Still amazed at the low memory usage.

Great job Comodo! (:CLP)

Thanks Egemen & team much faster scan, 186,111 files in 32 min./23 sec! Keep up the good work guys!
XP Home SP3 CIS only in Proactive configuration, only 1 FP for IZArc, Threatcast working perfectly
Xman :■■■■

I noticed the faster scan times also. With last beta it took about 56 min for my hard drive. This beta only took about 22min.