COMODO Internet Security 3.5.61373.458 BETA Released!

Was ist neu in 3.5.61373.458 BETA?

NEW! Threatcast integration: COMODOs community based alerts reply statistics reintroduced
NEW! Native Vista Firewall: New COMODO Network Stack based firewall engine using new vista technologies(dramatic performance improvements)
NEW! Native Vista HIPS: New Vista HIPS compatible with Vista PatchGuard. Now Defense+ introduces kernel level protection in Vista SP1 X64 or later
NEW! COMODO Memory Firewall integration: CIS now includes builtin system wide buffer overflow protection
NEW! AV Heuristics: The AV engine now includes heuristics scanning capable of detecting unknown viruses generically
IMPROVED! Trusted software vendor list is expanded, capable of detecting thousands of applications generically without any signatures
IMPROVED! Revised AV engine: AV engine scanning and updating speed increased significantly

Bug Reports:

Die deutsche √úbersetzung ist nach wie vor nicht geplant vorhanden :slight_smile: