Comodo Internet Security 2024 v12.3.2.8124 BETA

CIS and CCS/XCS are distinct products. While the company name can be flexible, it’s crucial not to conflate separate products as if they are merely rebranded versions of one another.

So does this mean that I am not protected by XCITIUM? how it should be?

Xcitium and CIS are very similar in it’s protection but Xcitium is for business networks and therefore requires additional features such as remote management and addditional analysis but the Comodo Clound and Xcitium cloud databases are the same.

e.g. Comodo Transparency Page & Xcitium Transparency Page contain the same data. If, for example, you run a live network at home covering several computers and a server running full time, like there is in a business environment, then maybe it’s worth looking at using Xcitium EDR but the protection itself at the end of the day is more or less the same. Your over thinking it and the setup you are using is bulletproof.

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Hello friends, I want to clear some doubts.

I’m here looking at lists of suppliers that are unknown to the CIS.

What I want to know is how do I get the CIS to check and confirm that the supplier is trustworthy, because there are some that have not been updated for more than 2 months.

You can add vendors yourself or lookup & submit those unknowns and they’ll evenutally get whitelisted…

Friend, the problem is that I sent everything, but I didn’t get a response, it was all unknown, even after it was sent.

Even though you said this: “You can add suppliers yourself or search and submit these unknowns and they will be whitelisted…”

It should be added automatically without me needing to include it in the whitelist

The CIS should do this loudly in doing this you don’t agree on this, because if it’s different it’s wrong

Files do get whitelisted and vendors added, just keep checking with the lookup. Sometimes it’s taken days or in some circumstances, If it’s causing issue on your machine or preventing something running, you can whitelist them yourself. Unknown files are automatically submitted and analyized in the cloud and CIS is just protecting you.

Does the timestamp of these blocks correlate with a restart of your machine or just happen while they are running? Is, for example, 3CX not working properly on your machine when you run it?

I haven’t restarted my machine for 12 days.
Do I need to restart the machine to update the CIS supplier list?