Comodo Internet Security 2024 v12.3.1.8104 beta

This is normal, there is a lot of work to be done

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Good to see so many stability fixes, hope to see a newly improved much much better & powerful antivirus & antimalware engine in the final stable version , also kindly add a powerful network intrusion detection/prevention module and a good web filtering/anti phising module to block all kinds of malicious & phishing websites on all browsers

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Did someone ask you to provide this information? i dont think so

What work ?
Only some GUI tweaks to make it look better?

Lot’s of work need to update the entire antivirus/antimalware engine with a much much better & powerful version, need to add an network intrusion detection/prevention module & also needs to add a good web filtering/antiphising component

hi @nanto01 , you are absolutely right, and we are constantly improving our detection methods (AV, HIPS, VirusScope etc…) However, when we look at a different angle, detection is not the solution, as 100% detection is impossible, according to Alan Turing’s Halting Problem.

here is a scientific study that proves it right, and comes up with a solution: “Shadowize” (aka Comodo’s patented Kernel Level API Virtualization technology).

this is what Comodo is doing: Preventing the “payload” from causing damage.

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Someone is polluting this forum with vage mysterious updates of very old threads…
Are there some forum hackers around or is it someone applying censorship to move recent threads down the list…

What’s going on here on this forum ???

can you point out a few examples?

Check out the “Latest” post list and watch the update time on the right hand side of the threads.
Many very old threads are updated just minutes ago…

Lots of old threads, some going back to 2017 or even further and it clogs up the ’ Posts since last visit ’ list on this forum layout :frowning:

Hi CISfan,

Thank you for reporting.
A team is working on the broken links to replace with the proper link, so no need to worry.
We will keep you posted.



Hey Nik123 !

I do not understand what is negative in his message? (deepaliapps )

Hi Ilgaz !

One does not prevent the other !

100% on one side and 100% on the other, It’s better.

In addition, the famous Technolgie Comodo could serve to feed the base thanks to the behavioral study of the threshold crossing.

Also, more than 100% in detection brings more customers. And this is not harmful to Shadowize technology

Personally, I add that I already find Comodo AV or CIS excellent in detection

hi @Varan-de-C0m0d0 , please don’t get me wrong when I say 100% detection is impossible. That doesn’t mean we are not working to improve our detection capabilities. On the contrary, I already said we ARE constantly improving those areas so that we can be close to 100% at detection.
Comodo is “always” improving its technology, but, it does not rely on “detection” at the end. Because the real thing is “preventing damage”, rather than “detecting everything” (which is impossible :slight_smile: )

Is this why my installation works poorly… Could I have downloaded the wrong version?

Can anyone sneak bad download link into this forum?

I hope not…

In case you meant me, I’m not Nik123.

There is a Bug List with over 40 bugs on it still waiting to be fixed for decades…
And there is this Wish List which is also untouched…
Don’t expect too much work from Comodo regarding CIS improvements, they will just tweak the GUI a bit…

Hi Ilgaz !

Yes, thank you for your reaction… :slight_smile: I know it… :-), but we must not give the impression to those who read that Comodo is not aiming for 100%, because many people monitor this capacity. (It’s marketing too)

So I became Comodo’s lawyer. :wink:

Comodo is full of potential, each more extraordinary than the last!

Question: Thanks to Shadowize technology, and behavioral + ProActive, does Comodo enrich its virus database?

Can each CIS installation send back to Comodo information about harmful behaviors noticed on individual PCs (but which are not revealed by the antiviral database)?

This could help to do threat mapping and notice new ones.

Is it already in place?

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Do not confuse the economic life of a company with its technological life.

We must be clear in wishing that the economic life of Comodo continues as long as possible, in any case, as long as I am :grinning: :grinning: alive and that technological life constantly progresses!

Criticism is easy, Art much more difficult.

If we come to this page, it is to help and participate through our feedback in technical growth.

This in a positive spirit.

The more successful the product, the more it will help the sustainability of the company.

For it to be successful, it is necessary to raise concrete problems from the beta and leave it to the managers of the beta to choose which ones are the most urgent and vital for the product.

Solving them all depends on the means to be employed.

There is more frustration when something is highly expected and desired. I conclude that you really like CIS too.

I think that to go faster the call for donations could be considered.

Do not hesitate ! :wink:

Anyone can write anything based on there own way of thinking and research but the most important thing is to consider is how things works in real world practically & so both detections & removal & preventions all are equally important & needs to be improved in terms of all aspects that’s that

Is this version already safe? KVRT could not find any threats. Other scanners don’t either.

I’ll be there immediately!