Comodo Internet Security 2020 v12.2.2.8012 Beta

I see no reason to delay it any longer than it already has been as this build has since been available since January. This will be the next stable whenever they actually get around to pushing it the regular servers. Also you can only install using the installers as it has yet to be made available to the program updater. Use this now or wait for the official announcement, as such the topic will be closed so that feedback can be provided when they make the announcement for the stable version.

Setup Details:
In order to install online setups, please ensure you have the following entries in Windows hosts (c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) file:

Comodo Internet Security 2020:

Comodo Firewall Installer:

Comodo Antivirus Installer

Comodo Internet Security Offline:



  • WSL 2 can not work when install CIS
  • Solitaire can not run in sandbox
  • System restore is restoring the registry issue
  • cmdvirth can be stoped
  • Support jumbo frames in fw
  • Setting allow contained applications access to the clipboard does not work

Important Note

  • Program updater is not activated for now. So, please use installers.

It runs stable here.

+1 No issues at my end.

Been running it since Futuretech first ponited it out and not had any problems at all. Very stable