Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.2.2.7062 Beta 2 is now available for download

Over the past couple of weeks I have enjoying the performance improvement the light database brings. I have been meaning to post this for a week but it kept on slipping of the agenda. Anyway, my pc responds a bit quicker and snappier and is noticeable in various scenarios. It’s a nice improvement and a pleasant experience.

Please tell me - I’ve spent some time searching for “light database” - how is this selected? I’ve been all through the settings and can’t find it.

By default CIS beta downloads light signature DB.

There is an option to download Full signature database:
1.go to setting in CIS update
3.Then click the use full signature database .

The real-time alert is not displayed, only the sound is played
In Windows 10 version 2009
HIPS alert is not a problem.
This problem occurred after changing the theme to modern, but after changing to other themes, the problem was not solved

Thank you - I was looking for an option to use the light db and missed the obvious opposite choice!

Did you do a clean installation? Then CIS will use the light database. When you installed by using the updater you will have to force CIS to use the light database:

That’s interesting to hear. Is the Light AV Database storing signatures from the last 3 months only? Or the last year signatures only? What is the criteria being used after all?

Not sure about performance - a database opening in LibreOffice takes 6s, same as with the previous version of CIS.

If I do Update the results are:
Check for signature updates Up to date
Check for website signature updates Completed
Check for recognizer updates Error
Check for program updates Error

Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFCBA8DAB77 (cmdhtml.dll) in cis.exe.2036.dmp: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x000000000C9FB730. occurred

Report uploaded.

Good questions to which we have no answer. :-\

@mertavunduk. Could you comment on new light database and what AV definitions are stored locally and why it decided? It’s is something and many others are also dieing to learn about.

What servers do you set to update? The beta server or the regular server? If you are using the regular server please try the beta server address.

Thank you EricJH, once I found the address (spent a while searching then looked in the obvious place!) the update worked.
I was a bit concerned about any need for entries in HOSTS as I don’t have that enabled and it’s empty.

Does the Beta server give automatic updates? Whilst searching I found a post that said it didn’t push updates.

The beta server provides definition updates for AV. It will also search for program updates. Usually Comodo will make a new beta or RC build available on the program updater. There have been a couple of cases where a new beta or RC build was not made available through the program updater. If that seems inconsistent, that is the nature of beta testing of course.

Instead of adapting the HOSTS file you can also change the server under Proxy and Host setting as shown here.

Yes, thank you - I’ve bookmarked that image for future reference.


For info:
Following the upgrade of Windows 10 Build 19042.630

  • When restarting, the CIS icon no longer appears in the taskbar
  • Having checked the PIDs; nothing abnormal
  • I deleted Comodo Security shopping then restart the PC
  • The CIS icon appears again

Can you check if there is a difference between turning off the computer for 30 seconds+ and restarting the computer, in terms of the CIS icon disappearing?

I ask as turning off the computer can prevent the CIS icon from loading for me when powered back on, but it does not have this issue if the computer is restarted when using

if you test version beta or candidate release and use windows 7 outdated install two update in your sistem;
get comodo internet security work!
install update KB4474419 e KB3033929…

kb4474419 (64bits):
kb4474419 (32bits):

kb3033929 (64bits):
kb3033929 (32bits):

The operation report is Ok from version:

  • Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 19042.630
  • Comodo CIS Pro v.


  • Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 19042.630

  • Comodo CIS Pro v.

  • No diagnostic errors after several tests

  • Server connection errors are no longer present


Comodo CIS pushed an update to Running diagnostics indicates errors which it could not repair.