Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.2.1.6950 Beta 2 is now available for download

Does CIS receive updates to deal with a new encryption attack method on EFS?

i guess its time for the 2020 release… i have the feeling that we will see this release in about 3 days or so…

hope that the release dotes becomes huge :slight_smile:

gogogogo CIS!!!

From what I heard from Comodo behind the scenes expect a maintenance update focusing on bug fixint and not something new and spectacular. I wish I had more spectacular news for you guys.

There have been changes in the CIS team in 2019 that may have slowed down the development. Wladimir Semonov started in 2019 but worked only several months. His job was then taken over ad interim by Pavel Marinich. Since October Sevinc Genc is the program manager for CIS. I guess these changes have been of influence on the development process.

At Dharshu. I got two crashes of cavwp.exe today with names cavwp.exe.5252.dmp and cavwp.exe(1).5252.dmp. Would you like to receive one or both of them? It’s on Win 10 1809 (17763.973).

It’s been more than a week now. Did that mean that they started developing the stable of 2020 within that time frame?

Better later than too early!

:-TU :-TU

I understand this posting so: with full of fixed bugs and goodies…

Hi ReeceN,

Thank you for your effort.
I have forwarded your logs to our developers for further investigations.

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This bluescreen I got, too, twice or more, now I have 6882 once more, again. Now I really will wait for a stable version (as I said and said and… before). :smiley:

Hello EricJH,

Thank you for reporting.Could you please explain what was the issue for the Dumps ?

For further clarification please follow this format to elaborate the issue.

  1. What you did?
  2. What you actually saw?
  3. What you expected to happen or see?and if possible with Screenshot.

You can send me the both dumps.
Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,

Hi Dharshu. I don’t know what I did. I just happened to find them when I was checking the CisDumps folder. I have uploaded them to my OneDrive and will send a pm with a download link.

Early February is the target time frame for the next release, which can be further delayed if they come across any additional issues between now and then.

Excellent. :slight_smile:

Hello megaherz33,

Your suggestions are forwarded to the corresponding team.

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Hello, Dharshu

Hello prodex,

Could you please tell us what you did ? what causes for the BSOD ?
Your responses are more helpful to overcome this kind of issues in future.

Kind Regards,

Hello EricJH,

I got your dumps and I have forwarded those to our developers for further investigations.

Kind Regards,

Hello ReeceN,

Could you please once again check your PM.

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Comodo seems to have isolated one of it’s own files in containment. Seems to be a script of some sort.

Seems weird, since it’s one of comodo’s files. maybe a bug?

Just part of Script Analysis - CIS working as intended

When I booted and was at the desktop I could not start programs or reboot the computer. I could move the mouse and the caps lock and num lock responded. I waited for 5 minutes hoping the situation would change but it didn’t. I pushed the reset button and rebooted the pc.

In the CisDumps folders there are two new crash logs of cavwp.exe with almost identical names that were made during the freeze: cavwp.exe.3948.dmp and cavwp.exe(1).3948.dmp.

@Dharshu. Let me know if you want to receive those crash logs.