Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.1.0.6914 Released.

The tray icon is unreliable, sometimes it switches the status and also it is an X the most time, even with activated firewall.

Confirming this too. Switching to Silent Mode makes it blue but turning off Silent Mode doesn’t turn the icon red/normal again.

But is it so difficult to make a release without these annoying little bugs?

This update is not ready and left my pc in an almost hard locked state.

After uninstalling, run the comodo clean up tool, I used the online installation of from a usb drive. Everything appeared to be going smoothly during the installation until the automatic restart after the post install definition update and scan on the default profile. After the restart my system rebooted, I login, no icons load, I just have the windows desktop and taskbar which is unresponsive. The mouse still moves but switches to the spinning timeout point.

After about 15-20 minutes of waiting and one explorer unresponsive prompt, CIS popped up an alert of about a crash and asked to upload it, which I did.

Tried a few more reboots, same thing, eventually I gave up a elected to do a system restore to what windows indicted was the Comodo removal point, however have a ‘successful restore’, yet Comodo is still installed, and instead of being the previous 6882 build, the comodo about page says its 6914 and a Diagnostic report things everything is perfectly a-OK.

This is the weirdest experience I’ve encountered with CIS, especially for a public release.

Yup, similar experience here, trying to install 6914 FW on Windows 10 1903.

Funny thing (one of several) is that even after uninstalling 6882 and then running 6914 online installer, I end up with 6882 again. Very, very strange.

Why didn’t fixed yet the “Performance issue with HIPS enabled” issue?!;new#new

It forces us to disable HIPS, making us more exposed.

aim4it…under advanced settings - viruscope are the recognizer and version numbers the same? And are they both 6914?

I have gotten cce as a stand-alone program does not work either. Message: Problems have occurred. The PC must be restarted and Microsoft collects errors.

Edit: The stand alone program runs! I started it as administrator.

Cleaning Essentials. Getting Error 5 - Access Denied

guess: files reference were in ‘programdata’ folder ,now downloads are in %temp% folder. Is this not the problem?

Hi aim4it,

Thanks for reporting.
Could you share the details of which OS + build number, as well as which platform, x64?x86?


On October 23, 2008, the first Comodo Internet Security 3.5.53896.424 was released!
Congratulations to all users of this product on the 11th anniversary!

My PC freezes after installation, nothing can be done.
Windows 10 1909 (448) x64 Pro

Sorry for the intrusion, but what configuration are you using?
Here for example, setting proactive security is responsible. In “internet security” and HIPS disable not error.

Proactive Security + customize.

So Comodo is changing the testing procedures to the level of Microsoft has now? Only reacting on beeping customers . Disappointing

I have the same problem…

Comodo please stop the rollout of this release. It has massive problems.
Loaded on five different Pc’s and was working fine till this afternoon. Now they hang for 15-30 minutes wile doing signature updates.
I think it is a disc access problem in this version as from one update to the next it is re-downloading the complete database again.
Had to revert all Pc’s back to as that version is running without problems on this Pc’s
Mix of 1903 and 1909 Pc’s

Can’t check anymore since I re-imaged the PC from a back up.

Windows 10 Pro x64, 1903, build 18362.418

Hi aim4it,

Thanks for providing the details and let me forward this to developers for future investigations.


guys, whats going on? can i install this release on windows 10 1903/09 or not? o.O