Comodo Internet Security 2019 RC (v12.0.0.6810) is now available for download.

Hi All,

Thank you for testing and feedback on two latest BETAs, it was really helpful.
We are pleased to announce that Comodo Internet Security 2019 (v12.0.0.6810) is now available for download and testing feedback.

Online Setup Details:
In order to install online setups, please ensure you have following entries in Windows hosts (c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) file:

Comodo Antivirus

Size: 5.4M ( 5625008 )
MD5: e04863bd4449b4b74d51a0c796097ff7
SHA1: bf21545139b1aac0189526900adf9de1d470062c

Comodo Firewall

Size: 5.4M ( 5625008 )
MD5: c52d38a3b0c73cc83b0df46592922182
SHA1: 0be52fb89929ec99fe52c9d39de14bf2b6cb2366

Comodo Internet Security Premium

Size: 5.4M ( 5625008 )
MD5: 2e3725f430ceb17ffe2d1dc57dcb111f
SHA1: 573e0ecf0f6271ca246d011408dda1c901155fa8

Offline Setup Details:
Comodo Internet Security Premium (Firewall and Antivirus only)

Size: 72M ( 75320760 )
MD5: 4f90d1fe3c025e21494459fd78fd12ee
SHA1: 0b708f03510e0dd2cdffe1ac5e1f017e7e8cb805

New for CIS 2019:

  • Full Microsoft Redstone 5 Support.
  • Long path and case sensitive filenames support.
  • ELAM protection.
  • Extended Containment Rule “Created By” criteria with “Rating” attribute.
  • Extended sanbox rules with a vendor as a criteria.
  • Extended Vendor List with User rating.
  • “Heuristic Command-Line Analysis” and “Embedded Code Detection” for scanning and monitoring of auto-run entries.
  • Powershell_ise analysis support.
  • Option to automatically scan plugged-in devices.
  • Simplified installation.
  • First network zone detection is performed in background.
  • Widget is hidden by default but can be changed with an install setting available through the Options button.
  • Updated AV engine.
  • Overall performance and stability improvements.
  • WDSC integration performance and stability improvements.


  • Fixed extended OS boot time in some cases.
  • Fixed defect where full scan fails in some rare cases.
  • Unrecognized file does not launch in Sandbox second time after first viruscope detection.
  • Defect where ‘Cmdagent.exe’ consumes 40-50 % CPU constantly in some cases.
  • Rules for Website Filtering can’t be added if all rules was deleted.
  • Uninstall of CIS Premium is periodically failed.
  • cmdagent.exe unexpectedly terminates in some rare cases.
  • Defect where cmdagent.exe unexpectedly terminates after install CIS with Secure Shopping on XP.
  • Sandboxed .bat scripts are displayed as cmd in active processes list.
  • Containment resetting process takes a long time in some cases.
  • Not able to play videos in Facebook inside sandboxed Opera.
  • BSOD when playing Freeridesgames games

Please give your valuable feedback! :-TU


edit: minor typo fix. Eric

check :-TU

It is not available through the program updater yet.

Still can’t remove any of the Trusted Vendor list w/o an error

Previous version beta and acutally RC still blocking( slow down) system. Please help or fix it !

Hi Ploget, could you please send us logs from report tool generated after removing attempt?
Also could you please clarify if you are trying to remove vendors from default list.

We’ve implemented blocking of removing trusted vendors added by comodo, but it should show proper message.

Hi maciejak,

Could you please check if virtual memory (swap on HDD) is enabled on your system (see attach)

User LoRenZoR reported similar issue with 6808 and he also was not able to create dump.
After he restored default state of virtual memory the issue is gone.

Also on this version.

Yes - it’s from the default list and does give the ‘proper’ message . . . but you’re saying that on a system with a chosen set of applications and known vendors, that the hundreds of default vendors can’t be removed or chosen by the user?

I like to control my system(s) and not have superfluous vendor lists that I can’t remove or edit, or even understand in scores of the entries!

May I ask what is the reasoning behind that?

There are no trusted vendors and the stuxnet case (stolen Realtek and JMicron certs) confirms this. Attempt to impose these “trusted” vendors is a very bad sign. If this does not change, HIPS (and CIS itself) will become useless. Potentially, only a microsoft can be considered a trusted vendor, but it should also be allowed to users to delete and configure as they wish.

Completely agree . . . a very bad move in my opinion

I will try this option, but with previous version Cis 11 i don’t have problem. I have problem only with cis 12.

This option now try and does not working. Cis 12 RC still blocking( alow down) system.

Hi maciejak,

Thanks for getting back.
Could you please try to reproduce the issue, provoke BSoD and share memory dump with me via PM.

There are several ways to do it:

Or you can use notmyfault tool from sys internals package:

Rexy, Ploget, your arguments are reasonable, we will discuss them internally.

Thanks Vladimir . . . I would say it is very important to a lot of users

couldnt agree more

So, no ask feature for the autosandbox like in CCAV?

Can I have an option to turn off clipboard for sandboxed processes. I think sandboxed processes have access to clipboard is a big security risk.

You might be interested in the following wish: Prompt user to Allow or Block Copy/Paste to and from Sandbox via Clipboard.