Comodo Internet Security 2012 Complete [Feedback & 2 issues]

I have purchased Comodo Internet Security 2012 Complete.

Reason for choosing it well I purchased
Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 [Resource usage fluctuates and at max settings where one is actually safe just makes it eat more resources. Detection good firewall getting better. Forum is helpful]

Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 [Resource usage is kept low to medium. Bloody surfing on the internet is broken with it. My god I don’t know what they did but hell surfing the net becomes slow. Disabling anti phishing + a few more online threat checking functions fixes it but then why the hell did I get the suite then. Forum you can see for yourself is not very helpful. Taking the high approach like they know better when so many people are complaining about it. Moderators are a joke.]

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus 2012 [I had a moment off madness and bought it after reading PCMAG. I swear to god their editor was on ■■■■■ while reviewing this product. Webroot AntiVirus Review | PCMag There is so much work that needs to be done to improve it. ■■■■■■ tested viruses against it runs 1st then get’s scanned and removed after the slow cloud picks it up. It can’t allow stuff to load and wait for the cloud to run later what if the virus does so much damage your bloody cloud can’t save me. It goes up in smoke :'(]

Comodo Internet Security 2012 Complete [I tried 5.5 not too happy with the resource usage. Wow 5.8 is very nice even when I tinker with the settings to high. I haven’t installed my complete version as testing the 30day trial and trying all the different functions before installing on my machine. 1 week been coming to the forum everyday very surprised by the CEO actually posting. Very few companies do that nowadays. Forum users and moderators are freaking helpful even to the ones who sometimes get rude NICE :wink: I used the Geek Buddy to try and see how it works and the response surprised me it was precise and helpful. His name if I remember correctly was “Charlie”. Thank you :-TU]

I hope the above descriptions help someone before they purchase a security suite as I bought too many and found my FAV :a0


I want to know why is there 2 auto run apps in msconfig
Geek Buddy & LivePCSupport

What’s the difference? Isn’t Geek Buddy LivePCSupport. If I disable them and manually click on chat on the Comodo Internet Security application or on the Geek Buddy application is it the same? Is it on auto run because to start the application faster? I don’t mind manually doing it as my machine is very fast.

My last question is partially limited is all good but I like restricted problem is many stuff I installed while testing would get errors till I told the sandbox stop isolating. If I know a product is totally safe how do I make sure the whole installation goes without a hitch.

When I right click an installer there is no mark this installation as safe. Restricted I’m worried when games or large applications are installed on my desktop will ■■■■■ with game files and being they have so many files it be hard to answer all that pop up.

How to tell this installer is safe and not to pop up anything when it tries to install. I’m using Revo uninstaller and can’t afford it interfering with my installations :stuck_out_tongue:

If I know an installation is totally safe changing it to game mode will it disable Comodo for a little while. So I may install in peace hahaha

Sorry for the post being long. Thanks for your support and time. Take care.

Its Good to See that u liked comodo here are some answers to your questions hope they thelp

I am Not quite sure about that since i dont use Geek Buddy

Yes you can disable it from starting automatically and manually use Geek Buddy as desired

CIS detects installations automatically and if the installation file vendor is in “Trusted Software Vendors” list or the installation is marked as safe then it wont show any pop ups for the installation. You can also manually add files and installations to “Trusted files” list if u dont want alerts or pop ups and think the file is safe and is not in comodo database or list

No Your installation wont be ■■■■■■■ if u follow the above mentioned steps

You can clck properties of the file and check if it has a valid “digital signature” since all good software developers have their software signed

Yes you can also do that if it works for u

I’ve installed my copy off Comodo Internet Security 2012 Complete. Installation went without a hitch. I had a question where to put files I want to exclude scanning by the AV and Geek Buddy “Keith” solved that issue for me thank you :-TU

I feel Geek Buddy needs some sort of notifier to tell when a session starts when I’m using full screen applications. Simple 3 - 4 sec sound alert would make it so easy then alt-tab.

Antivirus definition really needs a schedule feature I don’t need it updating so frequently as I am careful when browsing. I’ve turned it off and do it manually now.

■■■■ the resources being used by this program amazes me. So many different layers of protection but it works seamlessly and doesn’t hog my RAM. You deserve a clap 8)

Internet I am also astonished I’ve tried many security suites and they do tend to slow your browsing and also opening of programs I don’t see any difference when on the net or using applications.

I still am a bit worried when I install programs it’s going to pop up a lot of stuff because I’m using proactive preset. I am going to run my test laptop and try installations on Monday to see how it is like if not I might just exit Comodo and install trouble free and turn it on. Revo will not play nice if it get’s ■■■■■■■ around during installation.

Yes I know you have a CPM program tried it but still not thorough as Revo yet. I was uninstalling about 10apps and Revo still manages to delete more and all traces but CPM misses folders here and there for registry I’m not too sure because it deletes lesser then Revo but I can say is safer. Revo I have to be a bit carefull :stuck_out_tongue: (Never run into a problem for 2 years except 1 time Avira hooked itself into so much registry couldn’t boot up after Revo uninstall just that one time.)

Thanks OP for your informative review, welcome to the Community! ;D