COMODO Internet Premium Beta Have A New Malware Engine

COMODO Internet Premium Beta Have A New Malware Engine as Most Security Software Add & one & Improve With Every New Version & how good now is Comodo Cloud Protection & Features Compared To Bitdefender , Kaspersky Avast, Malwarebtyes,etc.

I Did Run A Test on my PC Against COMODO Internet Premium Beta Comodo Did Block All The Tests Except the phishing Test was Blocked By Comodo Dragon Browser It Blocked The Phishing Test Glad To Say All other were block by COMODO Internet Premium Beta Including The eciarCloud Test i did the test at atmso malware test

does it block MSI files now?

The protection our users get does not come from malware engine detecting.
Protecting comes from our patented “Kernel Virtualizaiton” (eg: containment).

Everytime a brand new executable file is seen, it is automatically enabled to run inside containment. Therefore even if this turns out to be malware, ransomware, it will not cause damage because its inside containment. That is how damage is prevented.

Here is how Kernel Virtualization works.

Is WEB protection present in this new version? Does CIC 2024 also protect against phishing, malicious websites, MITM, etc…?

Am Not Sure About It So Been Using Avira Browser Safety

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