Comodo interferes with school.[RESOLVED]

This seems like it should be a really simple thing to fix, but for some reason, I’m not having any luck. Basically…school just started this week and some of my classes require the use of an FTP client. Things have always gone smoothly with that, but I recently switched to Comodo (on Windows XP SP2) and it’s causing me a few problems. I love this program, but it’s preventing me from logging into the server. I’ve set it to allow my FTP programs (SmartFTP, WS_FTP, FileZilla), but that doesn’t make a difference. I tried setting it to allow the school’s IP (, but either it didn’t work, or I’m just not doing it right. I can login without problems when I disable Comodo, but as I’m sure anyone can understand, I’d rather not do that. Does anyone have any suggestions? Perhaps a tutorial of some sort?

If you need more info, feel free to ask.

These posts may help:


Thanks a lot, N.T.T.W. I tried the suggestions from those links and unfortunately, they didn’t work for me. However, they helped me realize what my problem was. I checked the event logs to see if any other ports were trying to be accessed and I saw that svchost was being blocked (I must’ve accidentally blocked it awhile ago). So, I unblocked it and now my FTP programs work perfectly.

Thats great ZombieToast, glad you got it sorted.

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