Comodo Installer Which Only Has Firewall, Defense+, and Antivirus [M947]

1. What version of CIS, or Comodo Firewall, are you currently using:
CIS 7.0.313494.4115

2. What actually happened or you saw:
There are a lot of extra software packaged with the CIS installer (Comodo Dragon, PrivDog, Comodo GeekBuddy)

3. What you wanted to happen or see:
I would like to see an Essential Install, which only has the Firewall, Defense+, and the Antivirus

4. Why you think it is desirable:
Now there is custom install but average/majority users go with defaults. And majority needs just core protection features. So I think its time Comodo make install without additional software easy for majority.

5. Any other information:
It would be the best if they remove the additional software. This will also reduce the installer size a lot, and prevent people from accusing Comodo of packaging adware with the installer.

+1 :-TU

Yes +2 :-TU

Please +3


Yes please +5 :-TU


Thank you for creating this wish request. However, please edit your first post so that it is in the format provided here.

Thank you.

God, a format for wish???

Its better I will look for other AV.

-100000… for wish format.

The wish format is actually very simple. If you look at it, it essentially just divides the wish into 5 logical categories. This makes it simpler for other users, and eventually the devs, to entirely understand the wish (and why it is desirable). The bold formatting is just to make it easy to read.

Try it, I think you’ll find it simple enough. :wink: However, if you run into problems, or have any questions, feel free to ask. For an explanation of how the Wish Board now works please see this topic. Essentially, the new system ensures that the most popular wishes will be at least considered by the devs. This is quite different from the old system, where many wishes were overlooked for years on end without consideration.

Thank you.

Actually, upon further thought, I do not think Comodo would agree to this. I believe that they want users to be introduced to other Comodo products, and that is why they are included by default. Thus, this change may go against part of their main marketing strategy.

Therefore, I think a better compromise may be to create an online installer, which has everything selected by default, but which advanced users can choose to either download or not before anything is downloaded. The wish for this can be found in this topic.

What do you think? Would an online installer essentially fill the same role as what this wish is looking for?

Thank you.

I do not agree with you. They should try another way of marketing. This is not a good way, we experienced this on PrivDog. People misunderstood Privdog, they thought “It is an adware”

I want to donwload CIS, I mean only firewall and antivirus. There is a 220MB installer. OK it is not problem I downloaded it, I remove all tick on the installer except CFW+CAV. After all these, I faced a database update that is approx. 200MB ?

What do you think? I am thinking like that. I want essential installer from Comodo if they consider. :slight_smile:


Okay, I think I understand the difference. However, I do not have any control whatsoever over their marketing strategies.

Perhaps, as I really don’t think they will be willing to create an installer which does not include these (at least as options), a better compromise would be for this wish to be for the other apps to still be bundled. However, instead of being hidden under Customize Installation, this wish could be for them to just be listed in the main screen (and not hidden). I think that would make a good wish, and along with the other one about making an online installer, may be able to fix most of the critical issues people have with the installer.

What do you think?


It sounds good :-TU Maybe Sanya can add this into your first post of his wish. :-La

Actually, it should be a wish of its own. There should be one wish for an online installer and another for all options to be visible on the main screen of the installer.

Naren, I feel like I may have driven your Wish Request completely off-topic. What are your thoughts on this matter?


The core protection installer is just 45 MB. With all the additional stuffs its huge 220 MB plus unwanted installations. This is a waste of users internet package & harddisk space & especially users with limited internet package. As you know majority/average users go with default settings as they dont know much.

I personally feel product should be clean without additional stuffs. If they want to advertise their products, they can have a section in the GUI like “Paid Products” under which they can show their paid products. This way it will be clean installer/installation & their products advertised too.

But you know, now they dont need users i.e they have many users now so they dont give a ■■■■ & force things on the user. Initially when they were new in this field, products were clean without any craps coz they needed users & now they have them.

This topic have been raised many times but nothing happened & I doubt anything will happen now coz simply they dont give a ■■■■ & therefore I denied to post this in formatted wishlist, why waste my time?

You said “Online Installer” with everything selected.
I think it would be good if “Online Installer” has core protection FW + AV selected & additional Opt-In.
But the best would be clean offline installer. If they want to advertise their products they can do as I have mentioned in the bold above.

I am on limited internet package. Currently I have uninstalled CIS & running Bitdefender Free, though it doesn’t gives me much options but atleast no craps/bloats wasting my internet package/occupying disk space. And must say excellent, light protection too. I am going to uninstall CIS from all the systems that I have installed for my frds/family/relatives, etc… & install BD Free for now.

Okay, I will forward this to the Waiting Area as a wish. I have edited the first post so that it is in the required format, altered the title, and created a poll. Please look it over and let me know if it seems okay to you.

However, I still think somebody else should make a wish for all of the other programs to, instead of being hidden under Customize Installation, just be listed in the main screen (and not hidden). That way if this wish is not accepted the other may be.

Naren, let me know what you think of the first post.


You’re not allowed to make wishes? ???

I think it would probably carry more weight if it is done by someone who is not as closely tied with the Wish Reporting process as I am. I am trying to convince them that this process is representative of the forum community. Thus, I don’t want to alter the forum wish creation environment (at least not too much ;)). It’s really best if the wish is not created by me. I can vote, and provide advice, but I do not want to create the wishes myself.

I hope that makes some sense, even if it’s not too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Offcoz I voted Yes.

Thanxx Chiron for editing the wish in formatted way, its good.