Comodo in beta for a long time

Comodo v7 is staying in beta for a long time but hope that the respected developers of comodo are making all the very much necessary changes & improvements like improvement in web filtering , improvement in the proper & complete removal capability of any types of threats & malwares & stubborn rootkits & complex worms & botnets & keyloggers & others , also along with this major & must necessary improvements comodo v7 beta must fix other minor bugs & issues before the release of the RC versions of comodo v7

I think it is normal for software to be in BETA for a few months.

Regarding web filter, BETA or not, it simply needs daily update of DB, for now they are not focusing on that since only few users are using BETA…let’s see when it goes FINAL if we get daily website DB update.

As said earlier bu some mod, only a few are working on v7 as of now (Nothing since then mentioned) , so we can assume that they are fixing bugs and later the other data team will be working on web filter db n stuffs…

it is most important to get the technology working correctly and the bugs worked out of the new features then they will work on updating the DB for url filter and VC

Yes this is what I was trying to mean in the previous post.