Comodo ignores my "allow" rule

I told the Application Monitor that Shareaza and KCeasy can listen to incoming connections, and made a Network Monitor rule to allow inbound traffic on ports 1215, 1216, 6346, and 59049. Of course both apps are configured to listen on these ports, and the “allow” rule was on top of the default block rule.

This used to work OK, but suddenly it stopped working: Shareaza complained about a firewall and Shields UP! confirmed that my “open” ports were stealthed.

Even an “allow TCP/UDP to/from anywhere” rule didn’t work. The only way to open the ports was to switch the Network Monitor off completely. Reinstalling Comodo didn’t solve the problem.

Any suggestions to make the Network Monitor do its job again?

Hey 666.

It’s difficult to say what the problem may be without some more information. Perhaps you would post a screen shot of your NM an AM rules. Also a screen shot of any Log entries you have relating to these applications.

Before you do that, make sure you don’t have any ‘block’ rules in NM, AM or CM.

Stealthed ports means that your ports cannot be seen by someone looking at your computer from the Internet, they will not block any outbound communications.


(if the pics are unreadable, just open them in a new window - the forum software shrinks 'em to 630 pixels wide)

logs: apart from the usual incoming packets to random ports (+ the usual suspects: ports 80, 135) there are a bunch of “Inbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, ICMP = PORT UNREACHABLE)” entries. All blocked by rule 6, the default block rule, and the only block rule in my setup.

I managed to “solve” the problem with a backup image of my system partition from a week ago. Between making the image and Comodo acting up I didn’t change anything to the firewall configuration, so why it decided to ignore my “allow” rule is a mystery to me.

Scary… what if it decides to ignore a block rule?