Comodo Icon

Here’s a 512 px COMODO Firewall icon in ICO and PNG formats :slight_smile: The credit goes to WulF DeSigN

Edit: Added an old style COMODO Firewall icon also in ICO and PNG formats. The credit goes to =monolistic

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Thanks a ton! Would be cool to add the little flame to it too ;D

Hey thanks, I’m gonna use a couple of these! ;D

Thank you for these nice icons! ;D

How can these icons be used? can it replace default taskbar icon?

Hi all

Hope this is the right place to post

Here’s a few pics……my take on idea’s from wallpaper page etc………so credit goes to all Comodo forum members

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You can use Resource Hacker to replace the default CIS icon in cfp.dll :wink:

Create a copy of the original file, just in case something goes wrong!

It’s so cool,especially that shield.

Ooh thanks man! Yes making a copy is important indeed!

No worries mate, just remember to replace the resource again using RH, whenever a new CIS version is released :wink:

It will be replaced with the default icon again otherwise.

Those icons are nice. I’ll definately use them.

Nice icons. I like current cf icon best.