Comodo Icon Question - White Shield with Red Circle and Red Line throught it.

I tried searching but couldn’t find the answer that I’m looking for.

In my tray, there’s an Comodo Icon, White Shield with Red Circle and Red Line through it. Sometimes it’s just white and most of the times it’s it has the Red Circle. Is there a chart to tell me what this means? I’m confused if it’s telling me that nothing is coming in and out of computer like, “DO Not Enter” or it’s telling me “I’m not working right now”

Also, when using a guest account, it’s doing Red and Green check marks, left and right of the Icon.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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This explanation is from Settings section of the Help if that is what you are asking

• Show the traffic animation in tray - By default, the Comodo Internet Security's 'Shield' tray icon displays a small animation whenever traffic moves to or from your computer. If the traffic is outbound, you will see [b]green arrows[/b] moving upwards on the right hand side of the shield. Similarly, for inbound traffic you will see [b]red arrows[/b] moving down the left hand side. This provides a very useful indicator of the real-time movement of data in and out of your computer...

Press Firewall > Common Tasks
there are View Firewall Events and View Active Connections links

Hope that helped

I am not sure about “circle” though, Can you post an image?

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The red circle means there is an error condition. Go to the Miscellaneous tab and run the Diagnostics to see if it pinpoints the problem.


Just using the COMODO Antivirus part of CIS (v477). I see this after I use the switch user feature. This is repeatable:

  • Log on as myself
  • Switch user
  • Log out user
  • Go back into my account - red circle with slash through it is visible over the COMODO shield.

I ran diagnostics, but nothing is reported as wrong. I have to exit and restart COMODO to clear the red circle.

Hi Guys,

If you use Search feature of the forum with “red circle” keywords you will find the following threads in that chronological order as below

Basically as a latest conclusion given by

But reading those threads don’t miss mentioning presence of another Firewall (FW) in the system by one of the users.
Despite eliminating the presence or leftovers of old FW seems didn’t help as reported or “helped temporarily” – it is still worth checking, because Comodo does not check and notify about presence of other FW including native Windows FW if that one was switched back.
As far as I know you are alerted/advised about another FW only during Installation of Comodo.

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Here’s a link to a pic of what it looks like. BTW the Microsoft UPDATE popped up today only

I’m running a SLOW P4 single core, Windows XP Pro Pack 3.


With RC1 v496, I no longer see this issue. Can the developers confirm this issue was addressed with RC1 496?