Comodo icon overlaid with no entry sign

I recently upgraded to version 3 (3.5.54375.427) and ever since then a small red “no entry” sign has been intermittently appearing on the Comodo icon in my systray. I have attached a small screenshot. It looks like a warning but Comodo reports that all systems are active and running. What is this, and do I need to worry about it?

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You could try the leak test Here to see if it is running correctly.
Please post back if you do.
Thank you
PS The other option is to uninstall and reinstall please download the latest version of CIS from Here if you decide to do this.

In between my writing and your reply (thank you) I uninstalled Comodo firewall to see if I could do a clean reinstall. However, I haven’t reinstalled yet because I’m worried about what has happened in Windows Security Centre. Despite cleaning out my registry of every Comodo entry I can find and running CCleaner and stopping/restarting the Windows firewall service and rebooting several times, WSC still reports that the Comodo firewall is currently ON. So with Windows firewall switched off and no third party firewall running, WSC still thinks my computer is protected. So no reinstall or leak test until I find out what is making WSC behave like this.

Edit: I’ve fixed the Windows Security Centre using the instructions I found at

Comodo reinstalled. Computer scanned with Comodo, Spybot and Adaware. I still have the Comodo warning sign in the systray.

Firewall = safe mode
Defence+ = safe mode

  1. With “factory settings”, leak test score = 10/320. See attached leaktest.gif.

  2. With Proactive Security enabled, leak test score = 20/320. See attached leaktest2.gif.

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There is something definitely not working you should get better test results than this.
Have moved to bug reports could you please supply your system details XP/Vista and x32/x64 also any other processes you have running.
Thank you

System: XP x32 SP3, CIS 3.5.54375.427

List of processes running is attached.

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That’s a known bug with security center, so you may re-install CIS, w/o worrying about it. It’ll be fixed it further versions.

And concerning leak-tests: do you answer ‘‘Allow’’ or ‘‘Block’’ on the alerts appearing. You should answer ‘‘Block’’ on all CLT related alerts(except explorer.exe launches CLT.exe) in order to make CIS protect system against leak-test attacks

Greetings, I too have the small “no entry” symbol on the Comodo icon. I am not sure what you are saying the resolution to the problem is. I have not uninstalled Comodo. Comodo says “all systems are active and running” while my McAfee says that “outbound firewall is not installed.”

System: XP SP3 Comodo firewall 3.5.55810.432

To be doubly sure, I have now clean reinstalled Comodo Firewall for the second time. After enabling Proactive Security and before allowing anything else at all, the leak test was the first thing I did and I blocked all its requests. I still achieved a score of only 40/320.

FINALLY … 320/320

Proactive security, FW and Defence+ in safe mode. And no little red signs in the systray.

Win XP x32 SP3 CIS version 3.5.55810.432.


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The little red sign has come back!

The leak test score is still 320/320 so what is this sign FOR?

Edit: Eureka. The sign appears when I open another user profile on the computer. The other user profile is unaffected - the red sign only appears in which ever profile was opened first.

So is this a bug?

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I’m having this trouble too. Sometimes the red sign is there, other times it’s not. Usually I can close comodo and re-open it and the sign is gone. Either way comodo seems to be working fine and I get a perfect score in CLT. But this does disturb me since I don’t know why it’s occurring.

Hi Guys.

It will be fixed in the future… Try reinstalling CIS as a work a round for now.


Sorry, but reinstalling is not the solution and in view of what I’ve written above in this thread I’m a bit disappointed to see that being suggested. I’ve reinstalled about four times now and the no entry sign is still there. It’s caused by opening another user profile in Windows.

Yep, It will be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. There is an update coming out next week, But I dunno if this bug will be fixed or not. We will wait and see. :slight_smile: