Comodo icon missing from tray

I’ve noticed a few times that the Comodo icon goes missing from the notification tray, or in my case, from the hidden part of the tray. It is set for “Only show notifications” in the Customize section, but isn’t showing the icon at all at the moment. I can get the icon back by running cfp.exe direct from its folder, but it will go missing again whether it be today or next week. Because it seems random as to when it disappears, I have been unable to track down what might be the cause.

Has anyone else ever seen this behaviour?


On what Windows version are you? If you’re on XP it is a known and annoying problem: How To: Fix Missing System Tray Icons at Windows XP startup .

Unfortunately I am on Win 7 Pro x86, so maybe it’s not so well known. :slight_smile: It’s still annoying though.

edit: At one point, in the ‘Customize’ part, the Comodo icon was also used for a clipboard extender called ‘ClipX’ so I uninstalled ClipX in case that was the problem, but the problem persists.

The only reason it’s annoying me is because it shouldn’t do it. It’s not something that will keep me awake at night. ;D

Hi curls,
Considering icons have been mixed in the past, I would consider resetting the notification Area Icons Cache.
This can be done manually or by running the batch file in the link below.
Note: This does automatically delete 2 registry entries that are instantly recreated on system reboot.
Notification Area Icons - Reset

Also in the bottom left corner of the customize notifications settings, select ‘Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar’ then OK.

Thanks, Captainsticks, I’ll do that. Just one point, why would I want to show ALL icons? I’d have no room left on the taskbar.

Hi curls,
Sorry I somehow missed that it was missing from the hidden area and was thinking you wanted it visible at all times (Doh). :wink:
The setting above was to have it visible at all times, which could also be set individually to do so.
Please disregard the suggested setting in your case.
I hope resetting clears the issue for you. :slight_smile: