Comodo IceDragon v65.0.2.15 RC is now available for testing

Hi Everyone,

Comodo Ice Dragon Version v65.0.2.15 32 bit and 64 bit Beta are now available for beta testing.

NOTE: RC & Beta versions should not be run on production systems.


  • Updated to 65 codebase.
  • Fixed issue with plug-ins not being loaded.

Download 64 bit

md5: 6864D4D5B9E80CB145DDF01885110925
sha1: 1DE43A3FEDD0016CD187001F868C76E0093B50ED
sha-256: 316CEA04582AB100CF15836FA46E22C8DFCB81D646DA96216CE81E0422E12367

Download 32 bit:

md5: C1129D6BE910ECDD4B1771688BFAC8BC
sha1: F0EA1504ECCEC339C7D67D4F7285C849EA51E541
sha-256: FC3D59697FAA46142EB69822153996D68B3FE3482C2E86AD2A37E8A87D65C653

Please give it a test and let us know your feedback.

The Comodo Browsers Team.

a great version of CID, havent had a drama with it so far. 8) :)lets "hope " V 58 is as good :slight_smile:

Thank you Ozzieo for ur trust and support we will do our best so that the next version will rise up to all of our users expectation

really ?

all you gotta do is make sure what you say on your " comodo staff avatar" is carried thru and therell be no issues then will there ??

Everything short of perfection is irrelevant

Current FF version is 68.01 will CID impliment the same default track 3rd party cookies and eventual DOH (DNS over HTTP)?

Looking forward to future versions.

Hello Eric, atm the new CIS is under development we will move towards new technologies as long as they respect the Comodo standard for security and reliability, i cannot offer much information since we are still testing it, We will anounce on the forums when we will have a product that is stable to be released to the users

That’s great, no worries, looking forward to seeing the news on CIS :slight_smile:

and when is this 68.01 version supposed to be available eric ??? coz im having real issues with cookies with other sites saying that CID browser isnt compatible and theyre pressing me to go to chrome, i hate chrome, but least it works in chrome , doesnt on CID since i got the last updates and ive tried everything available to me in the options …same result with this version

when is 68.01 version of icedragon available , and what has been fixed in it from the 67 version with all its issues especially the cookies troubles that is in the 67 version ???