Comodo IceDragon v60.0.2.10 is now available for download

Hello, everyone!

We are very pleased to announce the release of Comodo IceDragon v60.0.2.10.


  • Updated to Firefox v60.0.2 codebase

Comodo IceDragon v60.0.2.10 64-bit can be downloaded from:

md5: 8E59B71F1BA2AAE74E4105AB5A1AC7A8
sha1: 436E8787622303AF15BD35A2BB187DF3BE191EEC
sha256: 555B53E30BEB615463D7E1D8BB4540A179CF79D4050FDFB01814202022B4CD66

Comodo IceDragon v60.0.2.10 32-bit can be downloaded from:

md5: 95F704342D1D332E619F5B9DD50795B2
sha1: 239B2933A306F4F1BA50523E1282CEC82BFA1911
sha256: 496B560F8E4B227F949E296C79796C84D4383AA1F47808357078EE025DB9423C

[i]Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers team[/i]

Great news, CID & CD seem to be getting regular updates now :-TU

Great stuff! Looking forward to checking out the new version tonight.

I really do think the CIS installer should release at least current versions of browsers. CD v 58 still comes with standard installation and a choice of CD or CID would be awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks! But there is the Question )))
Does the installation file change filedata 32-64 and back depending on manual downloading and installing by oneself or not?
I just care bout my customizies changing the IS

Running well on my old 32bit dektop.

Thanks for the release :-TU



In dark theme, the certificake name and SSL icon is not clear. The green color is too bright.

Good to see Ice Dragon updated regularly. Nice one! :-TU

Thought I would give the 64bit Comodo Ice Dragon browser a go as my normal Pale Moon browser has been getting unreliable lately and I have been looking for a replacement. Downloaded and installed it without a hitch, went to import my favorites and got a singular list with literally 100’s perhaps more of my neatly foldered and indexed favorites in one long mixed up column. Also had the same happen a few weeks back with the latest Firefox. Have neither the time nor inclination to re-sort all of that so afraid that CID has been uninstalled again as was Firefox and I will hang with Pale Moon a bit longer. After uninstall opened Pale Moon to be greeted with the “Pale Moon is not your default browser” pop up. If you are really interested in “Creating Trust Online” this is not a good way to go about it?.

The whole problem is Pale Moon, not IceDragon or Firefox.

Do not forget CCAV.

Can’t see what Pale Moon has to do with it?. The import option doesn’t see Pale Moon during the Ice Dragon install only Edge and the imports from the “Bookmarks” to Ice Dragon which are all jumbled are copied from Edge?.