Comodo IceDragon v57.0.4 is now available for download

Hello All,

We are very pleased to announce the release of Comodo IceDragon v57.0.4


  • Updated to Firefox Quantum 57.0.1 codebase.

New features:

  • Improved EV certificate notification,
  • Improved verification for secure certificates,
  • Added security add-on Web Inspector.

Comodo IceDragon v57.0.4 can be downloaded from:

[i][b]The setup has been signed with a new security certificate which may cause a Windows SmartScreen dialog to appear, click “More info”, check that the publisher is “Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.” and then “Run anyway” to carry on as normal. This will only appear for 24 to 48 hours.

Existing IceDragon users will get the automatic update starting tomorrow.[/b][/i]

md5: 44FB941CF0D27F9CE050B29B5215ACA7
sha1: 49C52687B71560564C5175F0FD2387902263CFD2
sha256: f5cf9ae8910639c66b2705926082b38ba1f66854ea3699922cdf05611e61eaf3

Checksums of older installer version:
md5: 44FB941CF0D27F9CE050B29B5215ACA7
sha1: 49C52687B71560564C5175F0FD2387902263CFD2
sha256: F5CF9AE8910639C66B2705926082B38BA1F66854EA3699922CDF05611E61EAF3

The Comodo Browser Team.

Thank you very much :-TU :slight_smile:


I shall wait on a couple of PC’s for the internal update to come through :slight_smile:

The update is now showing in CID but cannot obtain set-up file as getting the same error as reported on the last update;msg859797#msg859797

Error screenshot attached :slight_smile:

I think the installer can be found in the %temp% folder. Can you check the signature of the installer and then run the installer to see if you get a Smart Screen warning?

CID automatically updated to the newest version, and now all of my legacy add-ons are disabled.

That’s why I switched to CID from Firefox, so I’m not a happy camper. >:( :-TD

Short of doing a restore, how can I get back to an earlier version that keeps the add-ons?

You maybe able to install version 52 over it. (your profile is in your username/appdata folders.) Or use portable install where you can just make a copy of the folder in its entirety for backup.

Note to all whom are going to install Comodo IceDragon v57.0.4.44, KNOW it’s based on Firefox Quantum 57.0.1 codebase.
Which means ALL old pre-57 addons will NOT work. You’ll need to reget all your addons, IF they even have comparable ones to get.
It’s not Comodo’s fault, it is the new Firefox 57 that made security changes to add-ons.

Me, I’m still keeping v52 portable, but will install v57 portable to a different folder, and try to find the same add-ons I had; because the Find Replacement button doesn’t take you to a replacement, just to it’s add-on page…
This way I still can use a fully functional browser, while getting the new one in line.

Now if all you use is an AD blocker, then you’re all set to go with v57.

CID is based on Firefox so eventually it would catch up with FF.

Filepuma still has an installer of CIS v52 for you: Download Comodo IceDragon Internet Browser for windows - .

Why don’t people store installers on their hard drives for just in case? HD space doesn’t cost a thing and you don’t want to be depending too much on a fleeting medium like the world wide web.

I was so hoping this wouldn’t happen but…Ice Dragon updated today without asking, my legacy addons are gone, I’ve tried the downgrade and it didn’t work, I can’t function with the clunky sidebar operation, way too much wasted space at the top (where the tabs should be per my opinion) and I’ll have to rewrite my userChrome file. So sorry but Ice Dragon isn’t for me :frowning:

Thanks for the update, a very cool upgrade. Although the addons that I have been using for years no longer work and little cosmetic touches seem to have regressed (square tabs) I am amazed at the speed of the browser so I welcome the inevitable change lol. Where do I find this new Web Scanning addon?
Also I was just wondering, I’ve been using Ice Dragon for years now, but how is this different from installing actual Firefox?
Cheers! :slight_smile:

The only reason I can see using IceDragon 57+ over Firefox 57+ is that Icedragon gives a truly portable program exe, where all other “portable” browers just use a wapper launcher to run the normal exe. Which makes it impossible to associate HTML HTM URL to launch the browser. You can pin IceDragon to the Taskbar, where others you can’t (in portable mode that is) Opera also has a USB installation but it, like Chrome, keeps just adding version after version after version in the folder, bloating its size up.
I wish Firefox had a truly portable exe, like IceDragon, because PortableApps is just a launcher to the standard exe, and if you run firefox.exe instead of the launcher it’s not portable.

If you don’t use IceDragon in portable mode (USB etc) and just do an install, then use standard Firefox just for the ease of updates, getting the latest fixes, and proper URL associations, as Firefox is already up to version 58.0.2.

Thanks for the reply. I also remember that in previous releases Ice Dragon had more bits of Firefox stripped out to make it even faster, and it’s supposed to be more secure but I’m not sure how. I wish we could still use Comodos DNS servers like before too, for an added layer of protection.

Aye I remember something like that too, but couldn’t tell you what there were today.
Even IceDragons own “DragAndDrop” add-on is unsupported, which is fine by me, I hated that and always deleted it manually anyway.

Only thing I can find for Comodo DNS is these two links:

Probably would still apply for windows 10 as well, even if the UI has changed up a bit.

Any use as a choice for me? Windows Vista, 32-bit machine.
(I know I could take a portable Ice Dragon to my Windows 10 64-bit machine, but that’s not where I really want the alternate browser).

Hi EricJH,

Sorry been away from the PC since I posted. Came back to it today and there is nothing in the %temp% folder and CID has updated itself without any problems - apart from the usual decline the homepage being changed to Yahoo, but it still gets changed !

It seems as tho it might have been something to do with the new certificate which has now resolved itself.


Since installing this update, I have had nothing but problems with playing the game Forge of Empires with Windows 10. It constantly freezes and locks up. I chose Comodo IceDragon for its speed with this game in the past. Now, I am feeling frustrated and ready to give up. I have removed it, reinstalled it, reinstalled the adobe flash player, and rebooted, twice. Still, freezing and locking up within minutes of starting my game.

Any suggestions?

Did you check the hardware acceleration option?

Yes. I have everything set to best performance. When using the curser to move from one side of my city to the other, the screen will randomly jump to somewhere else on the map. It is VERY slow to update ‘clock’ timers and still ‘freezes’ on load screens, causing me to need to close the browser and restart, to get the game to load again.

I did not experience any of these issues, prior to the update.

Could uncheck “Use recommended performance settings” and see if hardware acceleration is enabled or not? Could you also try to change process limit setting to see if that makes a difference?

While I appreciate the replies, they have not changed the issues. I’m not certain why they would, as things worked fine, before the update installed. Unless, of course, the update changed the settings for some reason.

I have uninstalled and have begun using Maxthon 5 for playing Forge of Empires. It is working smoothly and quickly. Regret that it did not work out, as I was enjoying Comodo IceDragon.

Does CID 57 support Windows Vista? I just tried the portable version and got the following error message:

icedragon.exe is not a valid Win32 application.