Comodo IceDragon v released

Comodo has released IceDragon v

What’s new?

You can download the latest version here:

MD5 : 71B36A065FEBD088E464FC6AE2275AFD
SHA-1: F9FFC1E45E8CDDD8D8410821653612E2175EB9DF

Congratulations with the release. :slight_smile:

Comodo has not officially announced the release nor has it published release notes. I started a release topic for a practical reason: to have a place to discuss the new release. Comodo can update the topic start when release notes become available.

Both of the moderators of this forum are not online. SerkanB is not Comodo employee anymore but I am not sure about Mr. Andrei. He is not online since last year. Eric, maybe you can remove them from their moderator job
Moderators: Alexandru Andrei, SerkanB

and ErciJH,
Please read this;msg837822#msg837822

Thank you.

I won’t because it’s not the first time I see it. It’s even in your signature. You’re bordering at spamming. You have made your point.

Ok, so please let me tell what I think. This will be a dead wish. It is written in my signature has no point actually. I will remove it.

I didn’t make my remark to make you remove the link to your wish from your signature. I was pointing out you have been pretty vocal about it. That’s my concern as a moderator.

Thank you Eric, I am not offended no problem :slight_smile:

For changelog,
Now IceDragon supports some languages. Please see in screenshot.

Erm, could you please provide a link to the offline installer. TIA!

The link in the topic start is of the off line installer.

Then why have I got the same 284kB offline .EXE that was served to me a couple hours ago on the browser’s main page ( )?

Main site URL:
URL in the OP:

Even though the above URLs are different, they still gave me the same file…

I fixed the first url. Eric

You might wanna fix the other URL as well. Now it’s serving version of the offline installer and asking me whether I want to downgrade from v45, LOL!

By the way, the small size is the online installer. The full sized installers are the off line installers.

When I just tried I got three off line installers. The first two are the same and provide v The third one that is in the topic proivdes

I don’t know why you got the smaller sized online installers. I am from the Netherlands and you and I are more than likely on the same branch of the load balancer.

Is there anybody else from the UK having problems with the links providing online installers instead of off line installers?

The issue has been reported by moderator captainsticks in Outdated information on IceDragons home pages. We’re waiting for Comodo to fix this.

Hmmm. Second try I get a 57.8MB offline installer. Let’s hope it’s the right one.

BTW, you might want to fix the typos in the thread title and OP and add that you need to try multiple times to get the offline, and the correct offline installer too.

Regarding being on the same branch, I doubt it as I am currently in the opposite direction > China.

Successfully downloaded v47.

Thread title is still ‘Comdo’. Just thought you might not have noticed after you corrected the OP.

I fixed it. I had not noticed the typo in the title. :-\

why does moderator make this announcement?
I really appreciate moderator’s effort but who is project or product manager of this browser? I suspect nobody pay attention to Ice Dragon anymore

The browser people have been a bit sloppy when it comes to release topics over the past months. However they have been busily developing the browser. I trust there will be another release and hopefully with release notes and official release topic.

Comodo IceDragon released.

And locked.