Comodo IceDragon unresponsive when I try to open new tabs


I’ve used this browser for months now without any issues, however, for the last several days, it’s slow or unresponsive when I try to open new tabs using the + key. I will click it several times and new tabs don’t appear, or they open, but only after trying it multiple times, or it will then open two or three new tabs in succession after many tries. Any idea what’s causing this and how to solve it? Thanks for your help.

I believe I’m using version 42.0, atlthough I can’t verify this because I don’t know where to look for the version number of the browser. Tried looking under the options tab, but I still don’t see where I can find this information. However, my browser is set to update automatically, so I’m relatively certain I have the latest version.

*Update I looked elsewhere on the computer to find the version number, and it’s Hope this helps.

Hi and welcome mrspanteva,
Try disabling ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’, found under browsing in the general tab of the advanced options.

Version number found in ‘About IceDragon’, found under the help section.

Kind regards.