Comodo IceDragon multilanguage translation - We need your help.


Currently, we use Bing free service to translate IceDragon specific strings.
We need your help to make a better translation for these strings.
I have attached the English resource files.
Please translate just the text between the quotes, but not the words that start with ‘&’ character.
Also, brand names and vendor names like ‘IceDragon’, ‘Comodo’ or ‘Comodo Security Solutions’ shouldn’t be translated.
I will update the archive and notify you, every time new strings are added.
Thank you for your support.

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Why? I dont saw wrong translations till now. Only your Startscreen if i went to virtual Mode could be better, but i gave u a translation already see here:��-cid/comodo-icedragon-ver-1901-is-now-available-for-download-t92239.15.html … but the translations in IceDragon Browser for the german language are very good


These are the templates for the installer and for the program or

Can you split the templates Sun

  1. For the Installer
  2. For the program

Thank you very much

Only the IceDragon specific strings are translated with Bing, they aren’t so many compared to the ones that are also used in Firefox. If you want to check the IceDragon specific strings translated with Bing, for the German language, you can manually download the xpi file, extract the files from the xpi archive in a certain directory. Enter that directory and go to “chrome%LangName% (in your case ‘de’ )\locale\branding” where you can find the brand.dtd and files. If the translation is good ( excluding the Virtual Mode page translation ) you can leave it that way.
Thank you.

The strings for the setup aren’t added yet. I will add them soon.
Thank you.

Can you split the Templates into

  1. For the installer
  2. For the Programm

With which program can i Open your Attachés Translation files


You can use Notepad to open the files inside the archive.


Thank you very much

portuguese (pt-BR)

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Hi there,

I’ve just began to localize these 2 files to es-AR [Español (Argentina); Spanish (Argentina)]. However I found this in brand.dtd:

<!ENTITY contribute.comodo3 "Firefox open source is  &#169; 2004-2012, the Mozilla Project under the Mozilla Public License">

I know &#169 is © —the copyright symbol/character—, but the whole sentence has no sense to me. Could someone from Comodo explain it to me, please?


Here’s another string that needs to be checked, in this case it’s in

homePageSingleStartMain=Firefox Start, a fast home page with built-in search

I think Firefox needs to be replaced by IceDragon in your original en-US locale, doesn’t it?

I’ve already got localized these 2 files, 99% completed & double checked. However I can’t post them now since no one from Comodo’s replied to that weird sentence in the brand.dtd file yet. Once I got that string fixed in original English language, I’ll localize it to es-AR and post those 2 files here.


Hello Alexandru Andrei,

Please use this translation into next release. Current releases have translation errors. I fixed them in this package.

Best Regards

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Still not downloaded…