Is there a chance that we will get IceDragon or any Comodo Browser on Windows Mobile platform ?

whats with the +

Second question. Is FireFox even available for Win10 Mobile yet?

Sorry about weird post,my browser on phone is bad. I wanted to ask are we going to get ID for Windows 10 (Universal)? No,it’s not available for 10 Mobile,John :slight_smile:

Would you mind editing your first post to make it easier to read. Thanks

If it’s not available, then it won’t be available from Comodo either.

Why ? Does Comodo hates platform ? >:(

IceDragon is based on FireFox. Comodo does not develop its own browser, rather it uses the open source code and adds security enhancements to it. If there is no Win10 mobile version available, there will also be no Comodo version available.

Oh i see. What about Chromodo ?

Hi Silwncer,
Chromodo and Dragon are both Chromium based browsers.

Kind regards.

Ok thanks :slight_smile: